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7 Sales Podcasts to Know and Follow

To stay up to date, it is important to constantly learn. But with such a busy routine, sometimes we forget that, don’t we? A good solution to this problem is podcasts, which are super popular. The success of this type of content is not surprising, as it is possible to discover new things while we are at work or on the way somewhere. Getting into the habit of listening to a sales podcast is a great way to learn about good techniques and stay up to date with this world without having to stop what you are doing. If you are intereste in the topic and want to know 7 sales podcasts (as well as two bonus tips) that will help you improve your results, keep reading! 1. Nakata Podcast The Nakata Podcast “Beasts of Sale” is ideal for sellers looking for technical knowledge and professional improvement .

If you want to learn lessons on how to retain customers

How to improve productivity, among other related topics, you can’t miss it! During the episodes, you will learn important lessons from other professionals in the field quickly and dynamically, as each program lasts less than 10 minutes. Prefer to watch Philippines Phone Number Data it on YouTube? No problem! The Podcast is also available there, just take a look at the first episode: (The rest are also published on Nakata’s YouTube channel) 2. Rádio Venda Mais Rádio Venda Mais is a sales podcast created by Raul Candeloro and Marcelo Caetano. The objective is to present and discuss topics such as customer recovery, organization of the customer portfolio, among other cool and useful topics. 3. Sell More Now The Venda Mais Agora podcast is a weekly program that takes place on Spotify and also on radio 93 FM, presented by Elaine Neves, interviewing Gelson Pandolfo.

By listening to him, you can learn lessons on how to increase

Eevenue at the end of the year, methods for transforming yourself quickly, among other relevant information. 4. Customer Lovers The Customer Lovers podcast is a fortnightly program, which airs on Wednesdays and presents important sales New Zealand Phone Number List tips, such as service, the importance of product and store reputation, among other topics. In general, Customer Lovers features interviews with guests who are experts in the customer service market, as well as leaders of startups and companies. 5. GVCast GVCast — Geração de Valor podcast — has episodes about sales, business management and entrepreneurship . Its presenter is Flávio Augusto, founder of the WiseUp franchise network. In each new episode, revealing conversations about the business world are present, always accompanied by some relevant tip given.

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