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Reconnaissance – The attacker attempts to gather information that they can use to plan future attacks. Resource Development – The attacker attempts to build up resources that they can use to support attacks. Initial Access – The attacker is trying to break into your network. Execution – The attacker attempts to execute malicious code. Persistence – The attacker tries to maintain his position in the network. Privilege Escalation (elevation of the attacker’s user rights) – The attacker attempts to gain higher privileges Defense Evasion.

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The attacker tries to avoid being detectd. Crdential Access – The attacker attempts to steal account names and passwords. Discovery – The attacker is attempting to spy on your surroundings. Lateral Movement – The attacker phone number list attempts to move undetectd through your environment. “Lateral” is to be understood here as meaning that the attacker moves through a network with user rights of the same authorization level. (A user does not have the same network rights as an administrator.

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Collection – The attacker attempts to collect data of interest to their target. Command and Control – The attacker attempts to communicate Phone Number SA with compromisd systems in order to control them. Exfiltration (data theft) – The attacker attempts to steal data. Impact – The attacker attempts to manipulate, disrupt, or destroy your systems and data. More information on each tactic can be found here . What techniques are includd in the ATT&CK framework? Each tactic contains a set of techniques observd in attacks and compromises. Tactics are the  How do the attackers escalate their privileges permissions.

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