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ITCMD: All assets, income and services of political parties. Including foundations, workers’ unions, educational institutions, social assistance and other non-profit organizations, are immune from tax. These rules are provided for in law art. 150, inc. VI, paragraph “c”, of the Federal Constitution . Therefore, the standard is also followed by state legislation. The exemption may vary according to the state, for example: in the state of São Paulo, the following are exempt from paying the tax: beneficiaries who live in a residential property worth less than R$159,850.00 and who do not have another property .

This is just an example, the legislation of each

State must be consulted to find out what the ITCMD tax exemptions are. ITCMD rates: The Federal Constitution determines that the Senate sets Cambodia Telegram Number Data the maximum ITCMD rates, for this reason. The maximum rate currently set is 8%. From this point on, it is up to each state to place their percentages below this value. It is worth mentioning that they can be progressive (increasing according to the division of assets for each heir) or fixed, like the state of Minas Gerais, whose fixed rate is 4%. Calculation basis: As we mentioned, the basis for calculating the ITCMD is the market value of the assets or rights that are being transferred. So, the basis changes according to what each state considers ideal.

Following the example of São Paul

The base is generally calculated according to the market value of the assets on the date of opening of the succession. When the act of transmission China Telegram Number List is carried out or at the time of the donation contract. For causa mortis transmission , it is common for the value of the estate to be calculated after. A judicial assessment or according to the value declared by the executor. When it comes to urban property. The calculation base cannot be lower than that used to calculate the IPTU and in the case of rural properties, the value must not be lower than that used to calculate the ITR (Land Property Tax). Rural). In any case, you must consult the legislation of the state in which the transmission is taking place.

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