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This will make them eager to work with customers and happy to help them. Also considering the pressures they face with many clients in solving problems, team leaders and center managers should empathize with the agency. Proactive Proactivity means taking action before someone asks you or performing all tasks without follow-up and reminders. Central agents have to deal with many clients so their managers cannot always tell them how to handle each client.

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This will have a negative impact on the overall performance of the team. So agents have new database to deal with each customer themselves. This means that activity alone is not enough. It also requires responsible personnel not to be regularly reminded of what they should be doing. They will keep in mind tracking the closure of all tickets and think it is their responsibility to meet. They consider themselves responsible for the reputation of the company among their customers and can even volunteer to advise their managers on improvements.

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 How often do you find a decision maker in this situation? This can happen when a standard solution to a customer Phone Number SA  problem does not work, so the agent has to try other solutions. This happens every day because agents need to invent a new way to solve certain problems. In addition to determining which queries are urgent or non-urgent queries. Therefore, the center evaluation should test the initiative of candidate’ and the ability to make the right decision.

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