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Which tend to be later in the day. If you’re in Alike That’s  an industry that does well on most channels in the early morning   such as finance or politics   you’ll want to adjust your posting times to later on tiktok. The tiktok algorithm requires a bit more time than the other platforms to post and display videos to the right feeds. That means you’ve got to think ahead and be a bit more patient than you would on other platforms. Eileen’s advice is “don’t get discouraged if your post doesn’t garner a lot of views in the first couple of hours it’s posted. Tiktok videos tend to need  hours to be fully pushed out.

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So we recommend keeping the post out even if it doesn’t receive enough engagements right off the bat.” another important thing to note tiktok doesn’t always publish videos the second you hit “post.” so you’ve got to keep that in mind when strategizing your post times. In other words.

Post a bit earlier than the time you b2b email list want your video to start showing up on peoples’ feeds. “we’ve learned the hard way that on tiktok you should post a bit earlier than when you actually want your video to go up..” says trish. “sometimes tiktok can take a little bit to actually get your video out because it’s trying to figure out what your video is. Whose algorithm it should fall on. That kind of stuff.

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b2b email list

That’s why adding the right keywords is so important   because it helps move you into the algorithm quicker.” need help with tiktok keywords? We’ve got you in our guide to tiktok seo. Key tiktok stats to keep in mind while posting tiktok users spend an average of  minutes per day on tiktok the highest performing.

Tiktoks are between  and  seconds long Phone Number SA the average tiktok user opens the app more than  times per day  tips for finding your best time to post  look at when your audience is most active online many social media algorithms prioritize recency. Why? Because people care about what’s new, especially given how frequently we check our feeds these days.

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