What are inbound and outbound messages


Digital marketing is one of the most used methods to promote a brand and attract customers to your sales network. And using an application like WhatsApp to market through inbound and outbound messages is not only effective but very profitable; but what are these messages and when to use them? Inbound and outbound messages as a strategy in WhatsApp Marketing It is essential that we learn to differentiate between these two types of messages so that we can start using them. Inbound messages are messages that we receive from potential clients when they write.

Incoming and outgoing messages

with a query associated with our company. That is, when they contact us through WhatsApp to ask about our products, services or prices. Now, for clients to contact us it is necessary to have a presence on the web and generate interest in our brand company data through various platforms. For example, customers may contact us when they see an advertisement that interests them on our social networks or websites. Landing pages and contact pages can also lead users to contact us via WhatsApp. Logically, it is important that our content has an impact and motivates.

Strategy in WhatsApp Marketing

the client to take the initiative to interact with our company. On the other hand, outbound messages are a type of marketing that is characterized by sending content directly and unidirectionally to customers. For practical purposes, when the Phone Number SA company sends promotions, advertisements or other content to your contact list. Outbound messages should be sent strategically so that they are not intrusive, annoying, or seen as spam. This is because, unlike with inbound messages, here the customers have not requested information or content, but rather the company that sends them.

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