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Armenia Phone Number List

Phone Numbers Serve as Vital Communication Tools in Our Daily Lives. However, Understanding the Correct Phone Number Format for a Specific Country Can Be Challenging, Especially When It Comes to International Dialing. in This Article, We Will Provide a Comprehensive Guide to the Phone Number Format in Azerbaijan, Helping You Navigate and Communicate Effectively Within the Country.

Phone Number Format in Azerbaijan:

the Phone Number Format in Azerbaijan Consists. Armenia phone number list¬†of a Total of Nine Digits, Organized in a Specific Structure. Let’s Break Down the Components:

Country Code:

Phone Number List

the Country Code for Azerbaijan Is +994. It Is the Prefix Used When Dialing an Azerbaijani Phone Number from Outside the Country.

Area Code:

Following the Country Code, There Is a Two-Digit Area Phone Number SA Code That Corresponds to a Specific Geographic Location Within Azerbaijan. the Area Code Is Dialed After the Country Code When Making Domestic Calls Within the Country.

Subscriber Number:

the Remaining Seven Digits Form the Subscriber Number. This Portion Uniquely Identifies the Individual or Business Associated with the Phone Line. When Making a Local Call Within the Same Area Code, Only the Subscriber Number Needs to Be Dialed.

Phone Number Example:

to Illustrate the Phone Number Format in Azerbaijan, Let’s Consider a Hypothetical Example:
When Combined, the Complete Phone Number Would Be: +994 12 3456789.

Dialing Procedures:

When Making Calls to Different Area Codes Within Azerbaijan, Dial the Two-Digit Area Code Followed by the Seven-Digit Subscriber Make International Calls to Azerbaijan, You Need to Include the Country Code (+994) Followed by the Two-Digit Area Code and the Seven-Digit Subscriber Number. Mobile Numbers in Azerbaijan Follow the Same Nine-Digit Format as Landline Numbers. the Area Code Typically Starts with ’50’, ’51’, ’55’, ’70’, ’77’, ’99’, or ’10’.


Understanding the Phone Number Format in Azerbaijan Is Essential for Effective Communication Within the Country. by Following the Guidelines Provided in This Article, You Can Confidently Dial Local, National, and International Calls. Remember to Include the Country Code, Area Code, and Subscriber Number While Respecting the Correct Dialing Procedures. Stay Connected and Communicate Seamlessly in Azerbaijan Using the Proper Phone Number Format

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