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Be very specific in the definition of services

Be very specific in the definition of services Our client’s clients are not multi-million dollar companies. The budget is small. On the one hand, you cannot bill too much because they will not hire you, and on the other hand, you cannot offer a price that is too low because in the end you lose money. Here at the end what I am going to do is offer packs by theme.

Include transparency and metrics on results

Include transparency and metrics on results. Selling once is easy compared to keeping a long-term customer. You will only achieve this if you are able to show them that you are achieving job function email list results for their business and that the money they spend with you is well spent. Thanks to this post I am now clear about what I still have to include in the catalog description.

Define three packs

Define three packs. SaaS tools especially tend to do this. There is a small, medium and large pack. The idea is to increase billing per client. Many times the strategy is Phone Number SA to make the medium pack the most attractive, giving important price advantages over the small pack. The large pack is even cheaper per hour and/or contracted content.

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