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Beasts of Sale Show the Paths to Good Service

We live in the era of the experience economy. Here, the big challenge for companies and sales professionals is to make the customer’s purchasing journey an extremely positive experience, ensuring their loyalty. The pillar of this strategy is good service. Intuitively, every salesperson knows that it is fundamental. Good service requires that professionals know how to talk and be on par with the customer But, in practice, what do you need to observe on a daily basis to offer good service? Gabriel Gonçalves dos Santos, a clerk at Odapel, in São Paulo, has the answer.

“The sales professional needs, first, to offer good

Because often the customer arrives with information already made concrete by the excess of information we have on the market today, through Google or Youtube , and sometimes the customer becomes a self-taught person. And we, as professionals who Oman Phone Number Data know the correct processes, must first resolve doubts and get to the customer’s real needs. To serve any type of client well, the master rule is to be on par with them. Being able to understand the level of knowledge that the customer has – if they are more technical, if they don’t know very well what they are talking about – and, thus, you can level your conversation according to the customer’s needs”. Courses and training are essential for good service New technologies emerge every day and customers become more demanding.

Improvement needs to be continuous

What should sales professionals do to always evolve, in accordance with the market’s evolution? The person showing the way is Caio Roberto Moreia, telesales from Scherer, from Joinville, in Santa Catarina. “I believe that we need, first, to get in touch with our superior, show our interest in improvement, and who knows, the company Mexico Phone Number List itself will be able to provide training, opening the doors for you to have better training. And look for lectures, which will help a lot. I believe that this way you will improve yourself. We always need to improve, study and study. I understand that today sales professionals offer better service due to the availability of material to improve their knowledge”. Being optimistic also helps salespeople provide good service. Everyone knows that satisfied customers always come back to buy . Therefore, never skimp on actions to offer good service.

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