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Bolivia Phone Number List

In Bolivia, Phone Numbers Play a Crucial Role in Facilitating Communication Across the Country. Understanding the Structure and Format of Bolivia’s Phone Numbers Can Help Both Residents and Visitors Navigate the Telecommunications System Effectively. This Article Aims to Provide a Comprehensive Overview of Bolivia Phone Numbers Within a Concise 500-Word Limit.

Fixed Line Phone Numbers:

Bolivia’s Fixed Line Phone Numbers Typically Consist of Eight Digits. Bolivia phone number example Following the Country Code. the First Two Digits Represent the Area Code, Which Varies Based on the City or Region. for Example, La Paz Has an Area Code of 2, Cochabamba Has 4, and Santa Cruz Has 3. the Remaining Six Digits Are the Individual Subscriber Numbers.

Mobile Phone Numbers:


Phone Number List

Bolivia’s Mobile Phone Numbers Also Consist of Eight Digits. However, Unlike Fixed Line Numbers, the Area Code Is Not Utilized. the First Digit of a Mobile Number in Bolivia Corresponds to the Specific Mobile Network Provider. for Instance, 6 Denotes the Largest Provider, Entel, While 7 Is Used by Tigo. the Remaining Seven Digits Form the Subscriber Number.

Formatting Bolivia Phone Numbers:

When Writing Bolivia Phone Numbers. Phone Number SA It Is Common to Include the Country Code, Area Code, and Subscriber Number Separated by Hyphens or Spaces. toll-Free Numbers: Bolivia Also Employs Toll-Free Numbers That Begin with 800, Followed by a Seven-Digit Subscriber Number. These Numbers Allow Callers to Make Free Calls Within the Country.

International Dialing:

to Make an International Call from Bolivia, One Must First Dial the International Access Code (00), Followed by the Country Code of the Desired Destination.


Having a Basic Understanding of Bolivia’s Phone Number Structure Is Valuable for Both Residents and Visitors. Remembering the Country Code (+591), Differentiating Between Fixed Line and Mobile Numbers, and Recognizing Emergency Contact Numbers Can Enhance Communication and Connectivity in Bolivia. Whether Making Domestic or International Calls, Being Familiar with Bolivia’s Phone Numbering System Ensures Efficient and Effective Communication Within the Country and Beyond

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