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In many cases hiring managers will have glanced at the top section of the resume and have already decided whether they want to continue reading. These few lines could have a crucial impact on your chances of landing your dream job. Typically the top of a resume contains a list of your core skills or areas of expertise. If you are applying for a specific position rather than just sending your resume to a few companies then you should also check the job description before writing down your core skills. Ideally your core competencies should at least partially match the requirements of the job description.

Turn your achievements into metrics

Your resume may be your only chance to impress a hiring manager with your achievements and the most effective way is to quantify Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List them. For example, this section of the resume could look like this: Customer base growth during the month and cutting administrative expenses through reduced bottled water purchases helped the division achieve revenue growth in the first quarter of the year.

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The main goal of adding a company

Description to an executive resume is to leave enough of an impression on the reader to invite you for an interview or make an offer on the spot. Listing and highlighting your own achievements isn’t the only way to do this, however. A factual China Telegram Number List description of the companies you’ve worked for will also impress the hiring manager. If you have worked for a Fortune 500 company or another equally large company with a large number of people and a larger income, you must mention it in your resume.

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