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Carry Out a Profound Reengineering

He doesn’t want to die. Don’t let him die! (Remarque, 1978, p. 27). Nothing new on the front: a picture of horror Three characters turn out to be gravitating in this alternate universe in which destruction and crime are normaliz: Professor Kantorek, Corporal Himmelstoss and the reservist Katczinsky. Kantorek is the teacher of those young people, who urges them to enlist to serve the country: the “iron youth” – an inflam expression he uses to refer to his students – must march without hesitation to the fight, to defend the colors with honor.

Cultural Transformation at

Of his flag, even if it means not returning. Himmelstoss is the corporal in charge of training the young men before they are sent to the front line. He is the one who is in charge of turning them into killing machines; he must ensure b2b email list that his sensitivity is dull to prevent the blood, rushing on the battlefield, and terror from deterring them from continuing to fight; his mission is to transform the fear of death into the impulse to defend one’s life to the last ember of will , and to take it from the enemy without the slightest hint of mercy.

All Levels He Modified the

 Katczinsky – good Kat – is the oldest soldier – he is almost forty – and the one with the most experience in war. He is cunning incarnate. He is the nose everyone nes to stay safe. He is in charge of the company and is admir and respect by all of his colleagues. In short, each character represents one of the three Phone Number SA stages of what could be conceiv as that systematic cycle of destruction in which the young recruits who head towards that bonfire of illusions that is war are insert a process, let’s say in passing, which is also forcefully captur, for example, in another masterpiece : Full Metal Jacket , a film by Stanley Kubrick.

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