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When is it necessary to issue the PTAM?

The valuation of a property may be necessary on many occasions.  When is it necessary  The appraiser may be contacted to issue the report in the following situations.Legal actions, review of rents, inventories, repossession, etc. Purchase or construction of a property. Buying or selling real estate; Financing; Fiduciary alienation , seizure or to ensure that the value of the property is equal to the value agree in the agreemenT. Expropriations, generally to define the value of the tax base; Asset management.Sharing of inheritance assets. The PTAM is a serious and highly responsible document. as it can have a major impact on the most diverse negotiations.

Which is why the property appraiser needs to specialize and be

Regularize with the responsible bodies. How important are these acronyms for the property appraiser. Man in a suit in an office room. As we have seen. Knowing both acronyms is essential for anyone. Who wants to pursue a career as an appraiser or be Mexico Telegram Number Data a broker qualifie for this role. The CNAI as the main registration to become a property appraiser and the PTAM. Which is the document that the appraiser will issue in his activities. The two form the basis for the professional who evaluates properties. As one is what makes him able to act and the other will be the implementation of his service. It is important to remember.

It must be carrie out professionally and within the law

Real estate agents who want to become more complete professionals and have a difference. Their services should invest in the property Vietnam Telegram Number List valuation course and register with the CNAI. In addition to being qualifie to issue an appraisal report to your clients when necessary.  This service is also highly sought after in the market. Consider that becoming an appraiser can be a good opportunity to increase your income and expand your network of contacts.

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It is also necessary to have training as a real estate agent

The CNAI is essential for the broker to act as an appraiser and issue the Technical Market Assessment Opinion (PTAM). We will mention it in the future. It is also necessary How to register with the CNAI?. To register with the National Register of Real Estate Appraisers. You will need the following documents. Diploma of the Real Estate Transactions Technical course (TTI) or another similar course. Certificate of completion of the Real Estate Appraisal Course. Proof of payment of the registration fee; Completed registration application.

By fulfilling all the requirements required

COFECI and presenting the documents above. Your registration with the CNAI will be validated and you will be able to work as a property appraiser. What is PTAM? Man holding a folder and a pen. The PTAM is the Technical Market Assessment Opinion. It is a document Malaysia Telegram Number Data that reports the commercial value of a property. And can be presente in court. To provide the value of a property. The appraiser must be based on technical criteria, and the report must contain all information in accordance with the standards establishe by ABNT . Property valuations aim to make real estate transactions fairer, more reliable and safer.

It avoids conflicts and simplifies negotiations.

The Technical Market Assessment Opinion (PTAM) can be prepare by real estate agencies. But it is a real estate agent, as an individual. Registere with the CNAI who needs to sign the document. And the Regional Council of Real Estate Brokers ( CRECI ) must provide USA Telegram Number List the certifying seal that will be applie to the PTAM. The assessment report or PTAM must have this seal. Which is monitore by CRECI, because it is what will give veracity and credibility to the document. As we mentioned. The PTAM can be use legally and to prove the market value of a property.

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How important these acronyms are for a property appraiser

PTAM and CNAI are well-known acronyms within the real estate market. Both are linked to property valuation. PTAM or valuation report is a technical property valuation opinion issued by an appraiser registered with the CNAI.  How important these  The real estate market is full of opportunities and one of them is a career as an appraiser. For those who want to enter this professional field, there are terms that you need to know. First, it is important to highlight that property valuation is one of the functions that a real estate agent can perform. But to be a property appraise.

It is necessary to complete a specialization course

If you want to evaluate properties. You should know some important details about this role. The property appraiser is responsible for evaluating a property. With the aim of defining its value . Tecimob: Website ready for real estate agents and real estate Lebanon Telegram Number Data agencies. A complete tool for you to sell more! To do this. The professional must consider all aspects of the property. He can also carry out his inspection. Which consists of checking and certifying the condition of the property. The biggest demand for this professional is to enable the purchase and sale of propertie. Whether commercial or residential. But there are other activities that he can carry out as an evaluator. In the case of property valuation.

He must consider some information As Size Location

Electrical network; Maintenance; Among other aspects. These aspects must be clarified in the valuation report. Which we will understand later. Now that you know what a property appraiser does. Let’s delve deeper into two acronyms that are essential UK Telegram Number List for anyone who wants to pursue the profession. Check out what PTAM and CNAI are and their importance for those who evaluate properties. What is CNAI? Illustration of a block with a chip and two people pointing. The acronym CNAI refers to the National Register of Real Estate Appraisers. Which is a registration carried out by COFECI (Federal Council of Real Estate Brokers).

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Find out how to carry out a property valuation .

For the property: The property’s appraisal value must be up to R$1,500,000.00; It must be designate for the buyer’s home, in the case of mixe properties. Find out how to The FGTS can only be use for the residential part and the value of this part must be include in the appraisal report; It must be in habitable conditions; It must be registere with the Property Registry Office. Without impediments to commercialization. The property cannot have undergone this type of transaction in the previous acquisition, less than 3 years ago. It must be locate where the buyer has live or worke for more than 1 year, in nearby municipalities or in the same metropolitan region; For spouses who work in different municipalitie.

The use of the FGTS can be use by both spouses to

Purchase property that is locate in the same municipality where one of them resides or where they both reside. As long as the account holder complies Laos Telegram Number Data with the requirements. Are there limits to financing the property with FGTS? As we have already pointe out, the Guarantee Fund can be use in financing that is in accordance with SFH (Housing Financial System), which in turn, finances properties worth up to R$1.5 million, its interest is limite to 12% and are partially finance with savings capital. Broker or real estate professional.

It is important that you and your client are aware of

The real estate laws of the state where the property is located, check whether the value of the property corresponds to these requirements and Turkey Telegram Number List know whether it will be possible to carry out the transaction. How can the customer check the FGTS balance? The customer can access the Caixa Econômica Federal website and check the value of their FGTS using the NIS number (PIS/PASEP) and a password or they can go to a Caixa branch and present their identity document. Documents require to withdraw the FGTS stack of documents Some documents are necessary to withdraw the Guarantee Fund, as they serve to prove the prerequisites we presente previously.

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To have access the worker must have regularly

Contributed to the Fund during this period. It is important to highlight that the period of work does not need to be continuous or in the same company. To have access theke the three years can be added together according to the contribution time. To use the FGTS , the client cannot have any other financing open in their name, nor be the owner of any other property in the municipality where they live and/or work, including municipalities that are part of the same metropolitan region and of course. They must be the holder of the property that will be financed . Tecimob: Website ready for real estate agents and real estate agencies.

When can the customer withdraw the FGTS?

According to the Caixa Econômica Federal website, the FGTS balance can only be withdrawn to purchase residential properties. Already built or under Kuwait Telegram Number Data construction. As we mentioned previously, it can be used to start financing, in accordance with the rules of the Housing Financial System or other government programs.To have access theke it can also be used to deduct bills or pay off installments. But to use the FGTS to pay off outstanding balances or pay off installments, payments must be regularized. We highlight that the FGTS can also be used to acquire land and finance the construction of your own home. Knowing this information, the customer who wishes to withdraw their Guarantee Fund to buy a property must inform their bank or financial institution.

These will be the people responsible who will communicate

Then, after meeting all prerequisites and requirements and authorization is granted. The amount will be transferred to the property seller’s account. Check out the main rules for using FGTS when purchasing property. Work card with money Thailand Telegram Number List inside To the buyer. Minimum of three years of formal employment (sum of periods worked, whether consecutive or not). It is not necessary to be working with a formal contract at the moment. You cannot have active financing in the Housing Financial System (SFH) ; You cannot own another residential property or the residential part of a mixed property (half residential, half commercial), completed or under construction, which is located in the municipality where you live or work, nor in municipalities in the same metropolitan region; The value of the transaction is limited to the lowest value of the propert.

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Rules for using FGTS when purchasing a property.

FGTS is the acronym used for Length of Service Guarantee Fund. It is a mandatory contribution for all professionals working in the CLT model. The rate is equivalent to 8% of the worker’s salary. This amount must be deposited at Caixa Econômica Federal . The FGTS’s main objective is to protect workers in the event of unfair dismissal, but it can also be used in the event of serious illnesses and property purchases, with the appropriate requirements. Many clients who look for a real estate agent or real estate agent to purchase a property do not know that they can use the FGTS to purchase property.

It is part of the role of the real estate professional

To present the different ways in which the client can acquire the home of their dreams. And the use of FGTS is one of them, the Fund guarantees practicality Korea Telegram Number Data to make a down payment on properties and also alleviates financing installments. But of course, to use the Fund to purchase properties, there are rules and processes that must be followed. Despite being a procedure that involves a few steps, this method is very advantageous for those who want to own their own property. Find out the rules for using FGTS .

What are the advantages of using FGTS to buy properties?

Couple hugging holding keys, moving boxes in the background If your client wants to invest in a property. But does not have the necessary South Africa Telegram Number List amount to close the sale, using the FGTS is a great option. He can use the Fund to start financing. The customer can also reduce the number of installments, reduce the amount of installments and pay less interest. Depending on the amount, he will get even lower interest rates. Who can use FGTS to purchase a property? Any client who has worked with a formal contract, in accordance with the CLT regulation, for at least three years.

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These expenses can reach up to 5% of the value of the property.

It is essential that the real estate professional passes all these details.The client, so that they can plan and not be caught by surprise during the financing process and other transactions. How does the Housing Financial System work. These expenses can A person passing a key from one property to another The SFH has some stages. According to Caixa Econômica Federal . Which is the main intermediary of this procedure, the citizen who wishes to finance via the Housing. Financial System will go through the following stages: Financing simulation.  Assessment and approval of credit registration; Valuation of the property ; Delivery of documents and signing of the contract; Payment of installments.

It is worth mentioning that those involved must read

The real estate contract carefully before and after signing and the financing holder must pay the installments correctly, to avoid increasing interest. To access the subsidy, the customer needs to: Be Brazilian, naturalized or have a permanent visa. No restrictions on Japan Telegram Number Data your name at Serasa, SPC, BACEN and the Federal Revenue Service. Prove that you have sufficient income to pay the financing installments. Be over 18 years old or be emancipated after age 16. The property being financed cannot be used for any purpose other than housing the owner of the financing. Its objective is to give low-income people the opportunity to buy their own home.

But to use the Fund, there are some prerequisites

Have worked at least three years under the CLT/FGTS regime (sum of periods worked, consecutive or not, in one or more companies). Do not have active financing in your name at SFH. Do not own urban residential property, completed or under Russia Telegram Number List construction. Read more: Find out how to use FGTS to purchase properties . Which properties can be financed. As there are rules for who can access financing, there are also guidelines regarding the property that can be financed: Being urban residential (being located in urban areas); Be registered with the Property Registry Office. Not have been negotiated using the FGTS in the last three years (acquisition or construction).

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Housing financial system: what it is and how it works.

We know that acquiring your own home is not an easy task, many clients do not have the financial means to buy a house without the help of financing. Precisely for this reason, the Federal Government created the Housing Financial System (SFH), whose main focus is to reduce the Brazilian housing deficit. It is essential for the low-income population to acquire decent housing. The housing credit program offers citizens long-term installments with lower interest rates for the purchase or construction of their own home. We know that the vast majority of Brazilians dream of getting out of rent and having a property to call their own.

Brokers and real estate agencies can help their clients achieve this dream

Knowing the programs offere by the government that have this purpose. As well as other easy ways to acquire properties. Just to give you an idea, since 1964, the year it was create, the Housing Finance System has helpe millions of families achieve Italy Telegram Number Data their own home. But even after so many years, many people still have doubts about the Program. Therefore, we prepare this article to clarify what the Housing Financial System is and how it works. What is SFH? A miniature house and coins The Housing Financial System is a government program create in 1964 for housing financing. The main objective is to help low-income Brazilian citizens buy, build or renovate residential properties.

The SFH Law came with the aim of reducing Brazil’s housing deficit

Providing housing credit, long-term financing and low interest rates. The System’s resources come from deposits in savings accounts and FGTS and, as we Philippines Telegram Number List have already mentioned, can be used for the acquisition, construction or renovation of residential properties. It is important to highlight that the Casa Verde e Amarela Program , for example, is part of this System. Financing must not exceed 80% of the value of the property being negotiated, which, in turn, must not exceed the value of R$1.5 million in the appraisal report. Citizens who wish to obtain financing will undergo a credit analysis and must also prove that the installment,.

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There are cases where the property owner wishes to question

For this to happen, he must request a cadastral review or challenge. To be clearer, a challenge is a way of refuting some legal processes, whether they are evidence, people, arguments or decisions. During the cadastral review, data about the property , such as square footage, for example, must be reviewe and adjusted . In the case of a challenge, the owner must present evidence, such as an appraisal report, made by a qualifie professional, with a property appraisal course and registration with the CNAI , these in turn, can be engineers, architects and real estate brokers.

It is also possible to cancel the real estate registration

When registration errors are proven, such as two properties with the same registration number or when two or more numbers were registered for the Israel Telegram Number Data same property. How to identify the IPTU registration number? To identify the registration number, it is necessary to pay attention to the IPTU booklet. There is no rule, so your property registration number may have numbers and letters or just numbers. Generally, this data comes separately on your IPTU booklet, with a title in the field to identify it. example of property registration in IPTU Source: FGMAIS Remembering that the property registration and the real estate registry are different pieces of information.

While the real estate registry is responsible for

The physical description of your property, the registration is what establishes the legal situation. You will notice that the terms complement each other and Nigeria Telegram Number List this integration is important to provide greater security in real estate and credit transactions, thus improving the real estate experience and service for those who need to deal with it on a daily basis. Is it possible to update the real estate registry? real estate registry Keeping property registration data up to date is essential to avoid discrepancies, as already mentioned. All Urban Land and Property Tax taxpayers, whether exempt or not, can request the registration update of their property and possible corrections and additions to the owner’s data at the city hall or, in the case of some others.

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What is Real Estate Registration?

Real estate registration is also known as IPTU (Urban Property and Land Tax) registration. It is characterized by a number, generate by the municipality itself and aims to identify the property in the Municipality’s Real Estate Registry. At the beginning of the first quarter, you need to pay special attention to your real estate registration, that is, the IPTU booklet . This is because, during this period of time. Owners of houses or establishments receive in their properties the booklet to pay the Urban Property and Territorial Tax. Generally the tax is mandatory, but there are some exceptions provide for by law. The tax is charge by City Halls and aims to raise resources for public coffers.

To calculate the IPTU rate, the market value of the property

Which is normally indicated in its registration, is used as a basis. Check out what real estate registration is and other important information about this Iraq Telegram Number Data topic that is part of the real estate market. What is real estate registration. Document pastes The real estate registration, as its name suggests, is a property identification code. Generate by the city hall or specialize registry office with the aim of recognizing it in the registry of your municipality. This means that both commercial and residential properties have a number. This registry contains information and characteristics regarding the property’s address, built area, lot, market value, data note in the tax records of each city and even additional information about the owner.

This data serves as the basis for the IPTU calculation that

We mentione previously and which takes place every year . It is also the basis for calculating ITBI and other municipal taxes. The rules for registration Mexico Telegram Number List numbering vary according to the municipality . But, generally, this inscription is a sequence of numbers – and in some cities it may also contain letters of the alphabet. Importance of real estate registration for IPTU real estate registration to calculate IPTU As we mentione previously. The real estate registration is usedto calculate the IPTU . City halls need the information containe in the property’s registration certificate, to know the land area. Built area, age of the building, address, among other important data and, of course, the market value of the property.