Challenge yourself to try a new recipe every

 Start by commenting on these blogs and make yourself known. Don’t Link your own blog. Build trust by commenting, praising and linking from your own posts to other people’s blogs.  people’s blogs, send the bloggers an email or text message and tell them about your post. When you share a post on social media, tag the blogger in the text. That way, he knows you’ve written something good, interesting, or complimentary about him, and he’ll go read the post. Once a connection is made, ask if you can write a guest pen post or if the blogger could write on your blog. Remember that the same post MUST NOT be published in two different blogs. Google interprets this as copying and penalizes both blogs by dropping them down in the search results. 11. Well, what about that income? You might think that a strictly defined food blog is difficult to produce.

Write content that is search engine friendly

 After you have narrowed down the blog and written useful content, Google will reward you with high visibility in Google. If you have set up a blog in WordPress according to my instructions, you can download and activate the add-on calledAll In One SEO Pack .Yoast SEO or Rank Math. This plugin helps you . With the help of plugins, you add the right meta new database description and keywords (keywords) to each post. You don’t need to make changes to the blog’s html code or add difficult css codes. 10. Write guest posts on other blogs Guest writing is important, especially if you are a new blogger. It is vital to make the name known and build trust and credibility. The fastest way is to write guest posts. Make a list of 15 food blogs that fit the subject area you are writing about.

When you link from your own blog to other

You don’t need to have 10 different social media channels because you simply don’t have enough time to be active on each one. Focus on one and stick to it. When you have a lot of followers, you can take over another social media channel. Being active on Social media is important. You should discuss, comment and build rapport with your Phone Number SA classmates. The best social channels for food blogs are Instagram and Pinterest . Both work well, whether your blog is in Finnish or English. When posting new content, make sure the post has the correct image sizes. 9. Search engine optimization or SEO It is important for a blogger to know the basics of search engine optimization. With SEO, you get free traffic to your blog directly from Google.

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