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Challenges of His Life

 Kantorek embodies the moment of exaltation and patriotic fervor, and even the optimism that overcomes those who are sure that they are fighting for unfading principles: the young students are overcome by an idealistic ecstasy that clouds the rational gaze ; At this moment, death is set aside by the exalt call of duty. Himmelstoss is situat in the preamble to hell: it prefigures the maelstrom that sooner or later will end up annihilating the dreams and destroying the bodies and lives of so many young people; At this moment, fear invades the recruit in an indefinite way: from the mud in which they splash while exercising they glimpse what awaits them, although without having a complete idea of ​​what it will mean to face the destructive madness that they and their enemies will set in motion.

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Already at the front, it is Katczinsky who confronts them with the excessive pain: he teaches them to stay alive, but he also tells them without any fuss that it is better to b2b leads go into combat on an empty stomach given the possibility of receiving a bullet in the belly. The war continues its mad course. Fleeing, in the middle of a counteroffensive, Bäumer takes refuge in a hole open by a mortar. After a while, a Frenchman also throws himself there to take cover: Bäumer stabs him.

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His agony is horrible and seems endless. He is the first man he kills with his own hands. The words that the young German addresses to the corpse of his enemy are shocking. I think it is worth Phone Number SA expanding on the quote: Comrade, I didn’t want to kill you. If you were to jump in here again, I wouldn’t do it as long as you were reasonable too. Only now do I understand that you were a man like me. Now I see [your] wife and your face, what we have in common.

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