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Deed of exchange and deed of exchange with return

The exchange  is issued when there is an exchange of goods. In this case, there may or may not be a difference between the values ​​of the properties being negotiated. If there is, they must be paid normally and in this circumstanc. The deed is calle a of exchange with return, otherwise it is just a deed of exchange. Both are definitive titles. Public  of purchase and sale of property in cash. In this case, as described in the name. Payment for the property is made at the time of writing. There is also the possibility for the parties to make an agreement, with an advance paymen. The remainder at the time of writing.  In any case, if the total value of the property is paid in less than 30 days, it is classified as a cash sale.

Public deed of purchase and sale in installments

With attache fiduciary alienation pact to the individua. To be clearer, the fiduciary alienation agreement is a type of agreement between those Oman Telegram Number Data involve in the negotiation. It means that the rights to the property will belong to the seller until the debt is paid by the buyer (individual). This way, the transfer of ownership can be carrie out without worry. Public dee of purchase and sale and assignment of acquisition rights. This type of deed is done when the buyer already wants to transfer the rights to the property before registering the property in their name. It’s a way to make the process easier. Instead of having to transfer the deed into his name and then carry out the transfer, he does everything at the same time.

In these cases it is necessary to pay ITBI and also the transfer of rights tax.

Public dee of purchase and sale in installments with resolutive clause.In this case. The buyer will be able to transfer the property into their name, even paying for the property in installments. To do this, a clause must be include in the contract to France Telegram Number List protect the seller. According to the clause. The buyer, after paying the installments, must present them to the Property. Registry Office to then formalize the registration of the property in their name. If for some reason the buyer does not pay the debt The seller has the right to collect it and can also undo the deed.


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