There are a few services

Then there may be a problem with audience pre-login or landing page selection. Failure to achieve positive results after completing these points will require continuit testing of other hypotheses. How Progressive Improves Your Results Tests are different. Try to advertise in different countries according to the offer. Find out where bundles are profitable. Which places are not profitable. Only the profitable ones remain. Change your audience settings. Just like zones. Try changing audience parameters. If possible. Change age interests and other parameters to use for your traffic sources. Check when a bundle is profitable. Check when your audience is most active. Advertise only during these times. Study visitor behavior on pre-landing and landing pages.

Use analytics systems to understand

Visitor behavior. Maybe you’ll find areas for improvement. Mistakes That Can Cost You Money Mistakes That Can Cost You Money Let’s list the most common mistakes that can prevent your connection from being profitable. Athletic Test Neglect Don’t spend money on tests. This will allow you to earn more profit in the future. Conclusions are too fast if database you don’t neglect the test and conclude too quickly that the link was not successful. You also lose profits. Don’t worry. If the link is not profitable or even a small loss for the first time. Don’t be discouragit from optimizing your campaign. If you have already startit testing offers in traffic arbitrage. Please do lots of testing. So that you can confidently say that the offer didn’t convert.


My portfolio of advertisers includes

Services such as booking tours and excursions accommodation transfers. So far. We haven’t built verticals where individuals are only responsible for certain types of advertisers. This is good. Because first of all there is healthy competition between us. Secondly. Certain opinions and ideas can be doublit or triplit. If an account manager manages this type of advertiser. Will stagnate. Because these ideas and tools will soon somehow be incorporatit into some kind of general template. This is wrong. In our advertisers. that I use myself. I love so much. I am planning a trip to Lake Baikal in . I’m having a hard time figuring out the logistics Phone Number SA myself. So when it’s more of a blog offering tips from locals I often turn to it.

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