Fines The duration of the contract must be previously established,

As well as the conditions for its termination. The lessee has the right to leave the property before the end of the contract, upon payment of a fine corresponding to the remaining period of validity of the document. The landlord can ask the tenant to leave the property, as long as he gives the tenant 90 days to find a new property.  Fines The duration There is no fine to be paid in these cases, but if advance notice is not given, there will be a termination fine that must be paid by the landlord, corresponding to 3 months of rent (except for possible exceptions that are include in the contract signe by the parties). It is also worth remembering that if the owner wishes to sell the property.

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When this period ends, termination occurs automatically. In this situation, the landlord can demand the delivery of the property whenever he wishes. But as we previously state, it must respect the 30-day deadline, so that the renter can find Laos WhatsApp Number Data another property. Payment guarantees: So that the property owner does not have problems with default, there are guarantees for the payment of the rental contract. Some of them are: Guarantor: The guarantor is the most common guarantee in rental contracts, when a third party is responsible if the lessor does not pay the lessee. The requirement is that the guarantor must have a property of the same value or greater than that being rente. Bail insurance.

Security deposit or rental guarantee

This method is also widely use, it is characterize when the tenant pays three months in advance of the property’s expenses (rent, condominium, among others). In this case, the money remains with the lessor and he can use it in the USA WhatsApp Number List event of default. At the end of the contract, the tenant will be able to receive the amount back, if it has not been use. Capitalization bond: the capitalization bond is very similar to bail insurance, but in its case, the funds can generate income and the tenant can participate in draws. Subscriptions: To finalize the rental contract, the document must be signe.  by all parties, in order to have legal value, it must also include the municipality where the contract was made.

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