From the image for which you want to get search

A green flower, pink ballerinas or gold high heels. Click on the image and then select the Search in image icon usually locat in the lower left corner of the image. On you click. Search by image using Search Image on Google. Source Google search. Image search on phone – Google. Lens Image searches on the phone are even more practical and common than. Those done on computers. This is because today almost everyone has a smartphone with them.

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What’s more, it allows for quick reconnaissance and immiate action. I have an image I want to know more about, or I see an item that intrigues me. I take a picture. Upload the image, and in moments I get the most relevant information in the search  results. Google Lens compares what it sees in a photo with other database images, then presents you with the results order by the most relevance and similarity to that photo. In addition, the application also recognizes objects in the photo to find similar relevant results on the web. When searching with Google Lens, other helpful signals are also useful, such as words, language or other metadata on the site where the image is locat.


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Image search on phone Open the Google app on your phone, click Discover and then select Google Lens from the search bar. Take or upload a photo you want more information about. If you decide to take a picture, just point the lens at the object andclick Search. To upload a photo, select the photo sector and click on the image that interests you. But that’s not all, because Google Lens allows you to select a specific area results. You can do it using Phone Number SA the Select image area option, then drag the corners of the field, capturing the fragment that interests you the most.

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