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we can see that this keyword also has a status code. using the “yamaha r” keyword. we can see that this page is also a page on March . . Display pages in SERP overview with Ahrefs Keywords Explorer It seems that we can draw the conclusion that the web page with the largest traffic on the website is a web page that cannot be open. While we found this information quickly using Keywords Explorer and Site Explorer . the same information can be found using Site Audit . Below is the result after the crawl is complete.

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In the report. XX results in Ahrefs Site label illustration. Ahrefs blog Lack of canonical tags or improper implementation of canonical tags is another technical issue that can cause problems for your website. To identify them. you can use Ahrefs’ SEO Toolbar Whatsapp Mobile Number List to spot check page by page. or you can crawl through Site Audit to get a comprehensive view. Below I have highlight the types of issues relat to normalization given in the overview report. Issues relat to canonical tags in Ahrefs’ Site Audit For more tips. check out our Beginner’s Guide to Canonical Tags . Jump rirect Forgetting to add a rirect. or implementing it incorrectly.

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Rankings and organic traffic to drop. There are a few simple points to remember with rirects Rirect one web page to another web page using rirect Try to avoid rirect chains and rirect loops The best way to detect these rirect issues is to use Ahrefs Site Audit Belgium Phone Number List Website Diagnostic. Just analyze your site and check the rirect report to see where the problem lies. Rirect Report. Ahrefs Site Audit Website Diagnostics Check out our guide to SEO optimiz rirects to learn more. Robots.txt Changing a website’s robots.txt file can also affect how Google crawls the site. Sometimes. you or other stakeholders may accidentally block some important pages.

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