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Now I will show you how to capture occurring events using Google Tag Manager and transfer them to GA . Configuration of custom variables in Google Tag Manager What is a variable? These are dynamically changing data numeric values or dimensions non-numeric values in the data Layer array, assign to the parameter you want to track and then analyze. In our eample, the variables are in the select column In the eample above, if you have a well-implement dataLayer – while in debug mode – when you click on the Newsletter download button, you should see an array like this The data and dimensions mark in r change dynamically and will have a different value for each leaflet.

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To avoid creating tags collecting data from the Data Layer table and sending them to GA , you can automate it. How? By creating custom variables in Google Tag Manager. From now on, it will capture specific data, . everything after the colon of the  parameter. Eample for a parameter custom variable should be construct phone number list as follows Go to Google Tag Manager to the Variables section and click New Name your variable . It’s best to name it DLv – promotion_products_name. Why this one? Firstly, it is good practice to use generally accept nomenclature in English.

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Secondly – thanks to this, each new person entering your what it is. DLv – is an abbreviation for DataLayer variable, . the variable of the data layer promotion_products_name – the name  of the promotion_products_name because this is the name of the parameter in the Data Layer table from which you want to collect data In the same way, build other variables for all parameters from which you want to collect data.DataLayer parameter from which Phone Number SA we want to collect data enter name , click the lock icon and select ‘Data Layer Variable’ from the drop-down list. Then, in the Data layer variable name field.

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