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Hotspur Stadium are expected to break

It shows the huge growth currently taking place in the UK with the help of international competitions held in London every year. Initially there were around 100 people attending each year and a surge in demand resulted in only 2 games being offered each year now being increased to 10 games per year. They even signed a 20-year deal with Tottenham Hotspur at the beginning of the year to host games every year and their stadium has even incorporated features into the pitch.

Although attendances are down this year

Attendances at Tottenham the annual record for the announced. Games due to the postponement of the season. The figures speak for themselves that this is a growing. Business in the UK and is only going to get bigger. As a business this is a Mexico WhatsApp Number List huge market to tap into and as with. many sports the scope for collaboration is broad. Whether you’re a clothing line or a fast food retailer you’ll be able to find your target audience. Subway Microsoft, Budweiser and other companies have already joined the ranks.

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Although they are not relevant in the areas

They coverĀ  both aim to reach a large audience with a variety of interests. Becoming an official partner is a viable option but certainly comes Malaysia Email List with a hefty price tag. There are other, cheaper ways to get your business involved in the hype. It’s easier if you’re a bar or restaurant. Make sure you start by promoting competitions and events. You’d be surprised how many people are interested in this sport but don’t openly promote it on a daily basis.

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