How to improve retention with a good

First day of work after the holidays. I look at my to-do list for today and smile. Almost everything is paperwork (invoices, emails, comments, greetings…), meetings and a couple of motivating tasks: writing Therefore, this post and reviewing the metrics of the Hackea tu Personal Productivity lead magnet . I look out the window. It sounds like it’s very hot. I’ll know as soon as I go out for my walk in the mountains. I smile. Ains Víc, so much productivity and today you can’t maintain focus. Alarm? Damn, it’s normal, we’re not robots. Marina can be heard in the background with her ability to make me smile. How to improve even when she complains that her grandmother has eaten her Parcheesi… Distraction? Not today. I smile again.

How to improve I think there is no

Better office or better space to be inspired and write this post. Also, it’s on a topic that I like so… Hello again! How was the vacation? Are you still there or have executive email list you already returned to work? I have already returned, to face a September that is going to be great. I feel it. Among other things, I have to talk about onboarding with one of my clients because, after having carried out an initial review, we sense that there is a huge opportunity for growth .

But what is onboarding? What does it consist of? What is the OBJETIVE? How do you differentiate between a good onboarding process and a bad one? Stop, stop… not so many questions! Well, yes, what the hell. Come on? Come on! If you are like me (and I am not referring to beauty, but rather to the level of English, not English), the first thing you will have done is go to Google Translate and see that the literal translation is “incorporation”. Hey, that’s it. Does it convince you? Not me.

Then you will have thought

Therefore, About airports, what if I board, what if I take off… that’s it! Are you referring to takeoff? You almost have it. In the world of technology startups Phone Number SA and SaaS (Software as a Service), the sequence of steps through which a user goes from having a first contact with the product to using it on a regular basis is known as the onboarding process . Almost no definition. If you realize, the process as such is intrinsic in all those cases in which these situations may occur : The user registers, starts using the product, stops using it and abandons it. The user registers, starts using the product, learns to take advantage of it, stays forever. And it exists, allow me, whether you have paid attention to it or not. 

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