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Innovation and Creativity Make a Difference Amid Market Transformations

The Automotive Sector Is Going Through a Time of Enormous Transformation. the Keyword Is Innovation. and Innovation Is Not Just About Technological Evolution. It Must Also Be Present in the Services Provided to Customers. Because Consumption Habits Are Not Static. They Also Transform. Growth in Sales and Professional Success Are the Results of Innovation and Creativity Being Innovative and Creative Results, at the End of the Day, in More Sales and Success in the Profession. at This Time of Great Transformations, It Is Essential to Innovate and Use Creativity. Be Ready! Because the Evolution of the Market Will Open the Doors of New Business for Sales Experts. This Is What César Augusto Dantas Mendes, Telesales at Cobra Rolamentos, in São José Dos Campos, São Paulo, Says.

“Among the Main Changes I See the Demand for Agility

Both in Terms of Deliveries and Service Through Different Channels, Whatsapp, E-Mail, Skype, Telephone, No Longer the In-Person Buyer-Seller Model. and Also the Reduction in the Physical Space of Retailers. They Are Relying More on a New Zealand Phone Number Data Bundled Sale, Relying on the Distributor’s Stock. I Prepared Myself in the Theoretical Part with Courses, Reading, Meetings; in the Practical Part, Talking to Customers, Talking to Mechanics, with the Applicator, Understanding the Problems, the Solutions, Having a Lot of Discipline, a Lot of Resilience for Changes”. Innovation and Creativity Are Attributes That Require Attitude Using Creativity Makes All the Difference When Innovating. There Are Many Possibilities to Be Different and Become a Sales Expert. That’s What Eliana Silveira Cucchi, a Clerk at Autopeças Passini, in São Leopoldo, Rio Grande Do Sul, Did.

Over the Course of These 17 Years in the Profession

There Have Been Several Situations in Which I Have Had to Use My Creativity to Make a Sale. One of Them Was My Dream of Selling to Dealerships, Not Just End Consumers or Auto Parts Owners. I Wanted a Dealership. It’s a Different, More Malaysia Phone Number List Difficult Market, Due to the Fact That It Only Works with Genuine Lines. but I Ended Up Putting This as a Goal and Objective. I Went on Vacation and Went to the Company. in the Case That from Porto Alegre, Our Capital, It Is 400 Kilometers to the Interior. I Was on Vacation, the Client Doesn’t Know That, They Will Find Out Now, but I Arrived There by Surprise. Until Then, He Only Bought with a Face-To-Face Visit and Not Over the Phone, for Him It Was a Shock, Where He Felt Obliged Too. Today We Are Very Good Friends, I Have Been Serving Them for 16 Years.

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