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So you made a great instagram reel. Now what? To get the most eyeballs on it . You nee to promote it . Sleep . Reel-peat. Luckily . It’s super easy to share reels to your and facebook stories. Learn a few different ways below . Including how to batch and schedule your stories in advance. Yup . Even for sharing reels! Bonus: claim your pack of free animate reels templates create by hootsuite’s professional designers. Easily customize them in canva . And take your reels game to the next level today. Can you share a reel to your story? Yes! You can share your own . Or someone else’s . Instagram reel to your story directly from the app. You can also schedule reels to your story to post later using some additional tools.

Each Instagram User’s Explore Page

How to share a reel to instagram stories sharing your own reel to instagram stories step. Choose a reel in the instagram app . Scroll to find the reel you want to share to your story. Step : tap the share button it’s the paper airplane icon. To start creating a story with this reel right now . Tap add reel to your story. You can also copy the reel’s link from here to schedule it for later in hootsuite.

I’ll cover how to do that in a bit. Paper airplane business database icon add reel to your story step : create your instagram story tapping the reel in your story will take your followers to the full-length reel on your profile.

Base on the Accounts You Already

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But some may not know that. To ensure people watch your entire reel or encourage them to give it a like . Add a tap here sticker or other indication of where they should click. You can also add anything else you want to your story like usual . Including text . Gifs . Instagram stickers. And more text gifs.

Instagram stickers to story about doberman Phone Number SA pinscher step : share your story after you’re done. Share it by tapping your story at the bottom. Sharing someone else’s reel to instagram stories step : tap the share icon underneath a reel if you’re scrolling the instagram fee. The share button is underneath the reel video. If you’re watching full-screen.

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