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It is important to highlight that only regularized

Requiring improvements to the infrastructure in your location, such as public lighting, garbage collection, among others. It is important to Another good reason to carry out regularization is that it provides legal certainty. The client will be able to issue a commercial operating license, transfer the asset to heirs or buyers. Among many other advantages. What is the process for regularizing a property? property regularization process Firstly. It is necessary to highlight that there are several ways to regularize a property. As it depends on which adjustment needs to be made to the property.

All of them need to be resolved through legal proceedings

The main methods used for regularization are. Judicial adverse possession and extrajudicial adverse possession. Regularization of taxes. It is important to  Compulsory India Telegram Number Data adjudication.Registration of construction or demolition; Increase in areas.Change of use classification. Dismemberment or unification of registration.Depending on the case, you may need the help of a professional specialized in real estate law. But in any case. There are fundamental steps to regularizing the property. Document search: To regularize a property, you must first contact the Property Registry Office in the city where it is located.

To start the process, you can present the purchase and sale contract

With the contract in hand, it is possible to issue the property deed and only with this is it possible to proceed to the next steps, such as requesting Italy Telegram Number List the registration of the property, for example. Regularization Permit: With the registration of the property you can request the Regularization Permit, which states that the construction of the property is legal. This document is only valid for properties already built. When dealing with land or works, it is necessary to issue the Occupancy Permit at the city hall. Debt Clearance Certificates: After regularizing the property with the municipal body, you will be able to issue the CND (Debt Clearance Certificate).


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