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It with the inspection upon delivery to the property, as the renter is responsible for repairing any damage caused while occupying the property. The Inspection Term can also be made as part of the document, and may contain photos, a detailed report on the condition of the property, descriptions, etc. Landlord and tenant data: The data of the lessor and lessee must also be included in the rental contract . It is necessary to provide data such as full name, CPF. Residence address at the time of signing, nationality, marital status and contacts. For married renters, the spouse’s documents must also be recorded in the contract. When signing, the tenant may also be asked to present proof of income of at least three times the rent.

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If the negotiation is being mediated by a real estate agency and it is negotiating on behalf of the owner. The company’s data must also be included in the contract. In this case, the information must be: company name and CNPJ. Duties of the Korea WhatsApp Number Data parties. Duties of the lessor and lessee The majority of the contract is dedicated to this item, the responsibilities of the lessor and lessee, normally these duties are set out in the Tenancy Law. Lessor’s duties: Deliver the property in good condition; Assume extra condominium expenses, fees and taxes ; Ensure that the renter will have a good experience during the rental period; Fix the property’s problems before renting. Renter’s duties: Pay rent and other charges on time.

The renter will use a guarantor as collateral for the renter

In these contracts, the same identification data and proof of income must be requested. From the guarantor so that the broker or owner can contact him in the event of late or non-payment of rent. Rental value. The rental amount must be UK WhatsApp Number List in the contract and will be agreed between the landlord and tenant. Likewise, the payment dates and how it will be made. Discounts and the division of responsibilities must also be included in the document. Extra fees (such as works in the condominium and reserve fund) must be paid by the landlord. IPTU and any maintenance on the property are the responsibility of the renter.

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