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It is worth mentioning that real estate laws and other

In any case, it is necessary to consult the legislation. It is worth mentioning Where the broker operates or where the transactions will be carried out. It is important to remember that to stand out among the competition. It is essential that you understand some concepts related to the profession of a real estate agent . And as real estate law is a segment of private law that studies. The legal and legal relationships related to the purchase, sale and different negotiations of real estate. It is very important that the broker is aware of this subject. Furthermore, studying it is essential to be assertive when preparing and requesting documents. Avoiding possible errors and speeding up the entire process of finalizing the deal. This will ensure greater security and a good relationship with customers.

What are the rights and duties of real estate agents?

The real estate agent, like many professionals, has rights and duties established by the Laws and regulations of the profession. Regulations may vary according to the country and states, but in general the rights and Denmark WhatsApp Number Data duties of real estate agents are related to the Brokerage Law ( 6,530 ). It was sanctioned in 1978 and regulates the practice of the real estate broker profession. Examples worth highlighting are: Realtor duties: Professional ethics : The broker must act ethically and honestly, protecting the client’s interests and respecting brokerage laws and regulations. In other words, he must refuse to transact a property considered illegal or immoral.

The broker must also not omit any detail that could harm

Represent the client’s interests : The brokerage professional must represent and respect the interests of the client, acting in accordance with instructions and taking the necessary measures to protect the India WhatsApp Number List consumer’s rights. Higher education requirement: So that the professional does not engage in the illegal exercise of the profession, there is a requirement that he complete a higher education course in real estate sciences or a technical course in real estate transactions ; The course will give him the necessary knowledge to work as a broker.

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