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Know the Rights and Duties of the Real Estate Broker

Being a real estate agent requires a lot of dedication and commitment. The real estate professional must first and foremost be ethical and responsible. Since it deals with many people’s dreams, in addition to being in charge of negotiating high-value goods. To further strengthen this career and give more credibility to the profession, there are Laws that regulate these professionals. As well as a brokerage code of ethics. These guidelines address the duties and rights of brokers and other professionals in the real estate market. And all of them are base on the ethics and transparency of real estate negotiations.

The legislation also seeks to avoid problems

Law No. 6,350 was create to regulate the profession of real estate brokers and serves as a security mechanism to ensure that property purchase, sale and rental negotiations are fair. According to the guidelines, some Canada WhatsApp Number Data things are prohibite. Such as: going against the client’s interests, publishing a property without due authorization from the owners, among other things. It is also important to highlight that the Law says that training to work as a real estate agent is mandatory. This could be the Real Estate Transactions Technical course or another similar higher education course that is accredite by the MEC. It is also necessary for the broker to complete the real estate internship and register with CRECI in their state of operation.

We highlight that in addition to the sales knowledg

Techniques acquired through the course for brokers , it is extremely important that real estate agents know about real estate law and the concepts that encompass this profession. This is because being aware Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List of the legislation that governs the market is essential to operate successfully. In addition to transmitting credibility and professionalism to those who need your service. Therefore, in this article you will find the rights and duties that every real estate agent needs to know to have more autonomy and authority when communicating with clients. What is real estate law? real estate law Real estate law is an area of ​​law related to real estate regulations, as well as the rights and duties of owners, renters, buyers, real estate agents, among others. This area of ​​law usually covers a variety of legal issues, such as acquisition and transfer of properties.

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