Mental health company Koko faced a wave

Protests after its founder wrote about how. The company used GPT-3 in a test to respond to users.  Koko co-founder Rob Morris was quick to clarify on. Twitter that users do not speak directly to the chat bot. But that AI is used to “help generate” responses.  The founder of the DoNotPay service claims that its GPT-3-based chat bot helps users. Resolve customer service disputes and that an AI “lawyer” will advise defendants in cases Courtroom traffic in real time. Although he later backtracked on that out of concern about the risks.  Other researchers appear to be taking more measurement approaches with AI tools. Daniel Linna Jr.

Mental health a professor

at Northwestern University who works with the Asia Mobile Number List nonprofit Lawyers Committee for Better Housing, studies the effectiveness of technology in the legal profession. He said he’s helping test a chat bot called “Rentervention” to help renters.  That bot is now using technology like Google Dialogueflow, another major language modeling tool. Linna said he’s testing Chat GPT to help “Rentervention” give better feedback and draft more detailed letters, while also evaluating its limitations. “I think there is a lot of hype around ChatGPT and tools like this have a lot of potential,” said Linna. But it can’t do everything because it doesn’t have magic.”   OpenAI has admitted as much, explaining on its own website that “ChatGPT sometimes writes responses that sound reasonable but are inaccurate or meaningless.

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The reason is simple

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