Lessons learned after selling 1 year on Amazon Spain

Lessons learned  Those who follow this blog already know that I am co-founder of Quondos. It is a video platform to learn how to start online . Therefore,businesses from scratch . What differentiates us from others is that we always talk about our own experience. The course of selling on Amazon therefore could not have been done any other way.

The great challenge – finding a 100% reliable product supplier Lessons learned

Lessons learned The great challenge – finding a 100% reliable product category email list supplier We have carried out different avenues of collaboration. We have worked. Therefore, both on dropshipping models , we have placed orders through local importers and we have also purchased directly on Alibaba from Chinese manufacturers. All of these avenues have a great challenge in common: you need a 100% reliable supplier. These are the main problems. Therefore, we have had to face: “Surprise” shipping costs that doubled the cost of the.

Optimizing product pages – the key factors

Optimizing product pages – the key factors One of the main tasks when Phone Number SA you start is optimizing product pages. There are different. Therefore, factors that must be taken into account to appear on the first page when someone searches on Amazon.es. Sales : without a doubt one of the most important factors is the sales you are. Therefore, achieving. It’s a bit like the dog that bites itself in the tail because if you’re not positioned you’re going to have a difficult time.

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