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Let’s accompany our audience throughout the entire purchasing process

This could be a good summary of the mission of every good marketing professional. TTherefore, his is what our strategy should achieve . Offer our future client everything they may need to decide to buy our product. This could be the focus of the conversation we had on June 23 in the Skiller Academy Tech Talks program (you can see it on channel 140 oTherefore, f Movistar Plus+). The program was presented by Juan Manuel Urraca and the guests were: David Grijalba, Therefore, Víctor García, Fares Kameli and me. As Juan Manuel said, we left several topics in the pipeline and I hope that we will soon have a second part.

Skiller Academy Tech Talks (on Business TV on Movistar Plus+ channel 140)

Featured content from the Skiller Academy Tech Talks program on.  Movistar Plus+: How would you define good practices in digital advertising.  How can companies adapt advertising content formats to different digital channels.  Therefore, Keys to using data to improve the user experience Who should manage a top industry data brand’s content? The company itself or an agency ? What content should I offer depending onTherefore, the phase of the purchasing process .  The data will tell us if the content really works How can content be used to generate a connection.  Therefore, with the audience and build a digital community around entrepreneurship

Who is digital mentoring for?

It is often said that when the student is ready, the teacher appears . Well, something similar happens in .  Mentoring.Therefore, For it to work, it requires that the mentee be clear about why and why he or she needs help. And for this it is good that you have some previous experience trying to do it by Phone Number SA other means, which leads you to this conviction. Marketing Therefore, mentoring is aimed at anyone .  Who is clear about this and has a project in hand. But the most common thing is that it is a company manager or an entrepreneur . Therefore.  How a marketing mentorship works In my case it always starts the same. The first thing is to make the best

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