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 She will seek to tell the story of a generation of men who, even though they were able to escape the projectiles, were destroy by war . (Mann, 1979). Because it is like this: beyond the various reasons with which it is attempt to justify it, war is and will always be the exercise of the blackest thing that the human soul carries within itself .What is philosophy? What a question. Often formulat without fuss and with the childish innocence of someone who wants to know this in the same way as someone who wonders what a carburetor or a platypus is, or with the solemnity of someone who has already travel paths of well-found knowlge and questions So, about what it is that twenty-six centuries ago was born in the distant Greek colonies of

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Asia Minor and has continu to be taught in universities for around a thousand years, formulat like this, as I was saying, this brief question is, in itself, a philosophical problem. I do not intend, of course, to answer this question categorically and definitively: throughout the history of business lead philosophy, various thinkers of disparate talent have sought a definition that encompasses and expresses the essentials of this task and, as it could not have been otherwise , they have fail. And I refer to the result obtain as a failure, simply because, at the end of the day,

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What seems to be the case is that this ancient knowlge (knowlge?) has not manag to give conclusive answers to anything (or, well, to almost nothing ) , which, of course, does not offer testimony to the ineptitude of its practitioners, but rather raises the suspicion that perhaps Phone Number SA they are not taking the safest path: it could happen that the presumption about their nature is illegitimate, and, in the end, philosophy is not essentially about giving answers, but about showing that the questions pos within it may not point in any direction and may not even make sense.

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