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Focus on partnership into the atmosphere, the use of energy-saving devices and technologies and the implementation of energy management systems, deep energy modernization of buildings belonging to the company, including: insulation of the facility, replacement of windows and external doors, energy-saving lighting, reconstruction of heating systems (including replacing and connecting the heat source to a more energy-efficient and ecological one), installation of cooling systems, including those using renewable energy sources; reconstruction of ventilation and air conditioning systems, use of weather automation, use of building management systems.

Aspect of which is transparency

Construction or reconstruction of internal receiving installations and liquidation of existing heat sources, installation of micro-cogeneration or micro-trigeneration for own needs, installation of renewable energy sources in energy-modernized buildings, installation Photo Retouching of individual heat, cooling and hot water meters, installation of vertical valves and thermostats. construction of equipment for the production of energy for own needs based on renewable energy sources, changes in the system of generating or using energy fuels, conducting an energy audit. Subsidies for thermal modernization Ecological credit (FENG How to apply for grants.

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For example, the Ecological loan, which is a new instrument in the offer of the European Funds, is dedicated to thermal modernization and energy efficiency. The first recruitment process is already behind us, but the subsidy for ecological investments Phone Number SA will return next year. Thanks to the solution of thermal modernization subsidies, you do not have to finance it solely from your own pocket. You can now take a closer look at the completed recruitment process and documentation and try to apply in the next round. Ecological chalks are a completely new venture organized by Bank.

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