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Professional Improvement Is a Continuous Requirement

From the old carbureted engine to hybrid propulsion, a lot of evolution has happened in automobiles. At the same time, the level of consumer demand has also changed. Today, he accepts nothing less than excellent service . To keep up with these transformations, sales professionals need constant updating. And the Beasts of Venda Nakata help you in your improvement. Here you learn from those who make a difference. Professionals just like you. A good professional always seeks more knowledge No matter how much knowledge the professional has, it will always be necessary to learn a little more . The Beasts of Sale know this. This is the case of Hemerson Gomes, Disape’s commercial representative in São Paulo. “We professionals will never know everything. Every day we are learning. A new vehicle is launched every four or five months and with that comes other parts and items that are not being offered yet, but will be.

Nobody knows everything, we always need to learn

Look for media outlets and large companies to provide us with this information. Everyone has questions, but we have to find the answer. The key is the question, the answer. If we don’t know, we have to look for and take the answer to the customer. This is what I look for, on the internet, catalogues, people with greater knowledge to bring this knowledge to my Saudi Phone Arabia Number Data side and in my daily life to also offer this to customers”. Evolution of sales methods contributes to the need for improvement The need for constant improvement does not only arise from technological changes in products and the existence of a more demanding consumer. It is also due to the evolution of the sales environment in which salespeople work. That’s what Afonso Rafael, telesales at AutoNorte, in Salvador, Bahia, thinks. “I usually say that we are eternal learners. We always have to improve ourselves.

Telesales was exclusively focused on working over the phone

But the tools that telesales currently uses, such as social media and WhatsApp , help us on a daily basis to have better contact with the customer. This ends up helping in a general context in the evolution of the sales professional”. Online courses and Russia Phone Number List training reinforce alternatives for improvement Professional improvement gained a strong ally this year. With social isolation, the offer of online courses and training has grown significantly . Anderson Junior, a clerk at Gerwal Autopeças, in Contagem, Minas Gerais, approves the idea. “The best improvement courses in auto parts today, in the world we live in – very fast, where we don’t have time – are online courses, where we can take our time, watch videos, take tests , because the complete material in a distance study is always welcome when we have the time available. The importance of always seeking professional improvement is related to sales productivity.

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