Professionals Need to Have Technical Knowledge of the Products They Sell

Application and functionality are attributes that are part of the technical knowledge of the products But in everyday life, What does it mean to technically know a product. Alam Kemps, clerk at the Lira group, from Maranhão, explains. Professionals Need to “Technically knowing a product means knowing, basically, how it is applied to the vehicle. What the functionality of that item is in the car, how important it will be in the application. The importance of the salesperson knowing the product technically in their daily lives is that sometimes they are faced with customers who do not know where the product will be used and what its function is. And the seller, knowing all the specifications and function of that part in question, will be easier to explain to the customer, the customer will be satisfied and, automatically, will purchase that Nakata product from us.”

Catalogs always at hand help sellers acquire technical knowledge of the products

Due to the variety of models in the fleet that circulates throughout Brazil today, it is important to always have technical support material on hand to help guide customers. That’s what Danilo, Sama’s commercial representative in Vitória da Conquista, Bahia, does. “Each vehicle has its specific product. We have to know the measurements, sizes and Poland Phone Number Data which car that component will be used on. We generally use electronic catalogs a lot, which have all the necessary information. And that makes our lives a lot easier.” Technical knowledge of products is improved with courses and training To stay up to date , improvement needs to be constant. But what is the best way to increase technical knowledge about the products sold on the market. Divino, telesales for the Autobitts retailer, in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, is always attending courses and training offered by partners such as Nakata.

He tells how he acquired the technical knowledge he has today

“Through the manufacturers giving lectures to us and also with the time I have worked at Autobitts. Autobitts cares about its customers to Philippine Phone Number List better serve them and is always looking to train employees. Periodically maintains contact with manufacturers to bring factory representatives to train professionals. I can guide customers through my knowledge, indicating good products that will not cause problems for them.” Check out the tips to improve your technical knowledge of the products sold. Follow the calendar of courses and training on the market. Nakata offers several options to improve your technical knowledge. Don’t miss it. 2 – Pay attention to the news presented by suppliers and try to learn more about the technological changes they bring and how this evolution impacts your work. – When transmitting technical information.

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