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Bangkit Capstone Project is really

From Bangkit 2021 Abid is a student of Universitas Tidar, majoring in Electrical Engineering.  Find opportunities and prepare yourselves to grasp them. Keep going forward and never give up.” Bangkit Represents Hope: Story of Pandemic-Stricken Student from Magelang-end Read story from other Bangkit students here: The Spirit of Bangkit 2021: Never Give Up 4 Tips to Excel in Bangkit Inclusive Education for Persons with Disabilities: Bangkit Experience Being a developer certainly means you will not be separated from various kinds of vocabulary or terms that are often used. A developer plays an important role in creating a product or service, the resulting product is usually software or a website . If the product produced is a website, it will definitely not be far from Front-End Developer and Back-End Developer. The two developers have different jobs, but are still related to each other.

To understand Back End you can read

More at What is Back-End and Back-End Developer? Now we will discuss “What are the Back-End Developer terms that you must know?” Back-End Developer terms that you must know Server The first is the server. A server is a computer that can serve requests from other computers. Servers have special services in the form of data whatsapp data storage. The data stored on the server can be information and various types of complex documents. This first term may still be familiar to those of us who are not Back-End Developers. For a more complete explanation, you can also read it in What is a Server? Following is the definition, types and functions Client Next is the client. A client is any device that utilizes services from a server, usually a device in the form of a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, or other device that is compatible with the network. 

This client and server depend

 data to the server, and vice versa, the server can send data to the client. API Next there is the API. API is an abbreviation for “Application Programming Interface” , which is a collection of interfaces in the form of commands, functions, protocols and objects that can be used by programmer Phone Number SA to create software or interact with systems, both on one platform and across platforms. The purpose of this API is to make it easier for developers to create applications, so they don’t have to write code from scratch. Database Next is the database. Maybe this database is quite familiar because it is not only used in the backend. The database itself is a collection of data that is managed based on predetermined  “If our economic condition is difficult, it is normal to feel shy or minder. But don’t stop just right there.

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