Rules for using FGTS when purchasing a property.

FGTS is the acronym used for Length of Service Guarantee Fund. It is a mandatory contribution for all professionals working in the CLT model. The rate is equivalent to 8% of the worker’s salary. This amount must be deposited at Caixa Econômica Federal . The FGTS’s main objective is to protect workers in the event of unfair dismissal, but it can also be used in the event of serious illnesses and property purchases, with the appropriate requirements. Many clients who look for a real estate agent or real estate agent to purchase a property do not know that they can use the FGTS to purchase property.

It is part of the role of the real estate professional

To present the different ways in which the client can acquire the home of their dreams. And the use of FGTS is one of them, the Fund guarantees practicality Korea Telegram Number Data to make a down payment on properties and also alleviates financing installments. But of course, to use the Fund to purchase properties, there are rules and processes that must be followed. Despite being a procedure that involves a few steps, this method is very advantageous for those who want to own their own property. Find out the rules for using FGTS .

What are the advantages of using FGTS to buy properties?

Couple hugging holding keys, moving boxes in the background If your client wants to invest in a property. But does not have the necessary South Africa Telegram Number List amount to close the sale, using the FGTS is a great option. He can use the Fund to start financing. The customer can also reduce the number of installments, reduce the amount of installments and pay less interest. Depending on the amount, he will get even lower interest rates. Who can use FGTS to purchase a property? Any client who has worked with a formal contract, in accordance with the CLT regulation, for at least three years.

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