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Saskatchewan is a prairie province

He had health problems, marriage and family problems, and yes, even survived the 2016 recession. In an internal meeting of entrepreneurs. Get a Signed Book Get a Signed Book at an Entrepreneur Insider Meeting One of the other key concepts in the book is Brett’s guiding principles for life. First before I share any of this with you it is important to understand that growing up in Saskatchewan, Canada was a harsh environment known for its vast flat lands used for wheat cultivation and potash mining.

The winters are harsh and the summers

Are dry and hot in places like Wyoming Montana and Minnesota. People are resilient and help each other through hard times. There is a Georgia WhatsApp Number List sense of local intimacy and community. In fact the Saskatchewan Rough Riders, a professional football team, is a community-owned team and people come from all over the province to fill the park. They revel in the sport and all wear the green and white team colors. Some fans even wore watermelon hats made from real watermelons, after all they were green just like the team colors.

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The people of Saskatchewan are hard working

Resilient community oriented humble and give back. They also like to play hard and this is evident in Saskatchewan Rugby. These are the characteristics of Brett’s upbringing that are now reflected in his current life and work. This is called Australia WhatsApp Number List the cowboy ethic. The Cowboy Ethic is a concept based on the book and leadership principles designed by Jim Owen. There is an introduction on his website that discusses this concept. I just learned more about the concept of Cowboy Ethics by reading Brett’s book Redefining Success.

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