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However more and more companies also decide to conduct. Chis type of surveys among B B customers. The purpose of the NPS survey. Is to verify the level of satisfaction. But what exactly is satisfactio. Satisfaction is a personal feeling of pleasure or disappointment resulting from comparing a product or service with expectations. Source P. Kotler, K. Keller, Marketing, In our opinion, satisfaction can be divided into types The service or product does not meet the customer’s expectations The level of service or product is tailored to the customer ‘s expectations.

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The service or product is better than the customer’s expectations. If we already have a customer in our group who is satisfied with the service. The next step is to loyalty him. And his loyalty is a certain kind of behavior towards a given entity, product. Company  or service. However, is the customer who expresses Latest Mailing Database his satisfaction already a customer loyal to our brand? What are the characteristics of a loyal customer? A customer who returns Recommends services or products to others He is a satisfied user He buys more often and intensively Sees the added value of the service/product He buys in the same place.

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He trusts the brand He fills out surveys Thinks about the brand/service NPS Source bbva Why we need satisfied and loyal customers A satisfied customer is the best, cheapest and easiest way to attract new customers. As you can see from the above example from the NPS survey, when the level of customer satisfaction is high, they are more likely to share a positive opinion. Undoubtedly, this is a good way to increase sales on a regular basis. In addition, the cost Phone Number SA of times lower than the cost of acquiring a new one. In addition, it is the cheapest form of advertising our product or service, because they willingly share their opinion with an average of people from their environment.

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