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Forgive me, comrade! We always realize things too late. Why don’t they continually tell us that you are poor unfortunates like us, that your mothers live in the same anguish as ours and that we all have the same fear of death, the same dying and the same pain? Forgive me, comrade! How could you be my enemy? If we threw away these weapons and this uniform, you could be my brother (…) Take twenty years from mine, partner, and get up! Take more, if you want, because I don’t know what to do with them either.

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In military life one gets us to everything; “It’s a matter of time,” says Bäumer (Remarque, 1978, p. 205). And inde, it is so. Above all, those who fight become accustom to business email list the terrifying idea of ​​death: friends, sooner or later, fall . And one by one, those young people who were barely awakening to life, succumb. Even Kat, who seem built to survive, is taken down. The last to give his life is Bäumer: «he had fallen face down and remain, as if asleep, on the ground.

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When they turn him over they could see that he had not suffer much. His face had such a serene expression that he seem to be happy to have finish like this. (Remarque, 1978, p. 223). Two film adaptations were made of this novel. The first, which won two Oscars, in 1930, was direct by Lewis Milestone. The second was a film for television, direct by Delbert Mann and releas in 1979. The text that Phone Number SA preces the development of this last film, extract from a testimony formulat by Remarque himself about his novel, is simply overwhelming: This story should not be a confession nor an accusation, much less an adventure, because death is not an adventure for those who face it face to face.

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