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Posting when your followers are online is one of the easiest ways to work with not against both algorithms. By predicting when your followers are likely to be browsing their feeds. You maximize the chances that your content will reach and connect with them. And as our experiments have proven. The timing of your instagram posts does impact engagement. Eileen recommends playing to the habits of your target audience rather than your industry when you’re deciding what time to post, understanding the social habits of your target audience and getting to know when they’re online can help you get more views. For example.

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There’s something like a billion views under the finance hashtag on tiktok. Brands are finding ways to make financial topics interesting for a younger demographic with tiktok. But they need to post at times that make sense for that audience.” finding when your target audience is online is as simple as looking at your analytics. Hootsuite’s best time to publish a feature. For instance. 

Provides a heatmap of the hours and days b2b leads your followers are active. Start a free  day trial . Look at your top performing posts from the past. You’re already optimizing your content to match your social media performance goals. When it comes time to decide when to post that content.

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We recommend taking an equally data driven approach. The first step is to take a look at your analytics tools. Or social media reports. And zero in on your more successful posts for a given metric. The posts that did the best in terms of awareness i.e.. Posts that have high impressions engagement i.e.. 

Posts that earned impressive Phone Number SA engagement rates sales/traffic i.e..posts that attracted a lot of clicks next. Take a look at what time of day or week you posted successful content. And see what kind of patterns form. Pro tip hootsuite analytics’ best time to publish feature pulls your unique posting history automatically. 

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