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The attacker would not only have to obtain your device but also know the pin code to unlock the screen. And if by some miracle he sees your one-time application code over his shoulder he still has to use it (and the codes change every few dozen seconds). There are definitely more elements needed to put it together. How to protect your facebook (and instagram) account from being hijacked there are many dangers lurking on the modern internet. Sometimes we become a victim of an attack and account takeover by accident and sometimes we are not even aware that the attacker uses simple and effective methods to extort important data from us.

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Therefore the key – regardless of whether you spend more time on facebook or maybe you prefer instagram – is vigilance. Also follow the tips below. your account and change it regularly a very strong complex account password is essential. As previously Austria Phone Numbers List mentioned you can configure them in any popular password manager. But a password is still only a certain string of characters that will be available for use by a cybercriminal after a data leak.  access data regularly e.G. Once every – months. Enable and configure fa protection with an authenticator app if you don’t yet have an authentication application I.E.

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Google authenticator install it immediately on your phone and configure fa access to the selected social media account. Don’t rely solely on sms authorization. Moreover Australia WhatsApp Number List some social media are even phasing out the fa function via sms (twitter for example did this). Activating such security significantly reduces the risk of gaining access to your account. account = one unique strong password. This iron rule should become embedded in your mind as soon as possible. No more passwords related to your family date of birth favorite movie or daughter’s/son’s name.

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