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 This feels familiar and I have meditated myself. On the meditation page I came across words like mind, nervous system, impulses… Okay, so should I be a psychologist as well as a doctor who knows the insides of the human body…? I was slowly getting frustrated. And understand Sirpa’s problem. However, I still decided to read what he had written on his Life Coach page. They talked about life skills coaching, NPL techniques, positive psychology and solution-orientedness. Go away. I give up. The biggest problem and the most catastrophic mistake I sent Sirpa a message. I asked who is his client? A few hours later, a reply was waiting in my email: “Either an individual or a company” Aha. In other words, your customer base includes 5.5 million Finns and almost 300,000 companies.

How do you stand out from the crowd

I went to see the coach, I’ll call him Sirpa in this article, his website and blog. Or really just websites, because he didn’t have a blog. The website was very nicely done, the atmosphere was serene and calm. Various services were available 10 for both individuals and companies. As usual, the terms were unfamiliar and ambiguous. I’ve heard of the word latest database Enneagram, but I can’t explain it in my own words. Does the coach himself lie? When I went to read what the Enneagram means, I lost interest before I got to the end of the first sentence. There were 10 words in the sentence, such as psychology, spirituality, personality theory and personality type. So what are these? Do I have to be a psychologist to know what these words mean? I left this service package behind and moved on to the next one. Mediation.

Marketing or to stop the entire business operation

He said in his first message that he is in a situation where he has to think about whether to invest in . The company makes a loss every day, week and month. Stopping business is scary, because there is no financial buffer. I completely understand his frustration and acute situation. I understand more than well what kind of thoughts and feelings he had at that very moment when he wrote a message to me. I felt the pain between the lines. I could feel the tears running down her cheeks Phone Number SA and the deep pressure in her chest.  of thousands of other Life Coaches? The message was so palpable (and I believe he is not the only one struggling with this same thing). I promised the coach that I would help him.

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