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There, scammers carry out the fake technical support process


Financial institution fraud In this type of vishing, virtual scammers pretend to be part of a financial institution, be it a bank, a credit institution, a credit card operator, among other things. There scammers carry  They call victims and claim that there have been fraudulent charges or suspicious activity on the account. To correct the alleged fraud or suspicious activity, cybercriminals try to convince the victim to pass on banking information, passwords, credit card details and payment of fees to ”correct the irregularities”. Relationship fraud In this type of scam, criminals assume a more affective and emotional approach to victims. This type of vishing has a lot to do with catfishing scams and cyberstalking practices . Here, the scammers’ main objective is to get emotionally (and romantically) closer to their victims.

Generally, this type of fraud targets women

Without much knowledge of technology and more emotionally vulnerable. Criminals ask for cash payments to pay for supposed tickets, arrange Australia Phone Number Data meetings (which never happen), pay for medical expenses or help in any tragedy or emergency. In many cases, they also pretend to be people known Bank User Number Data to the victims – such as a distant grandson or granddaughter who needs money to visit grandma, or a nephew who ended up being arrested and needs bail to be released. To convince victims, criminals even cite personal information, such as their names, family members, addresses and even document numbers. Related articles Scams EMPHASIS Online scams in Brazil: incidence, severity and vulnerability Jun 25, 2023 · 5 min read Scams ONLINE THREATS WhatsApp scams.

While in phishing criminals use different platforms

In vishing they only use phone calls and VoIP (Voice Over IP) tools, such as Skype, for example ) to apply the blows. Vishing attacks can also be accompanied by smishing attacks, which are fraudulent SMS message scams. The main objective is to deceive victims and carry out scams, mainly asking for money to charge ransoms, pay for services that Australia Phone Number List never existed or anything of the sort. How to protect yourself from vishing scams Unfortunately, the chances of you or someone you know falling for a vishing scam are very high – or, at least, of a scammer getting in touch and trying to carry out one of these virtual scams. But you and those around you can adopt several methods that help ensure greater safety and protection against this and other types of cybercrime.