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How does the capitalization bond work when renting properties?

Capitalization title for property rental As we mentione previously, the capitalization bond for property rental works as a type of deposit. In other words . How does the  if the tenant is not up to date with the rent, or does not maintain the property in good condition. The owner can request redemption to pay off these debts. If there is no default and the tenant has complie with his obligations under the lease contract. He may redeem the value of the title at the end of the lease period, with the appropriate monetary adjustments. The value of the capitalization bond may vary depending on the value of the rent , condominium and IPTU. But most of the time, real estate agencies or owners ask for the minimum amount to be six installments of the rent.

An example for this case, if the rent installment is R$1,000

The bond value must be R$6,000. Remember that in some states more or fewer installments may be required. It is worth mentioning that this method is provide for in Law 8,245/91 , the so-calle ‘Tenancy Law’. And these processes require Australia Telegram Number Data in the rental aim to protect both the tenant and the landlord. Advantages of using the title in rent. For the Tenant: No need for a guarantor.More agility to release the contract.You only need to prove income, there is no need for a detailed registration analysis.It is possible to redeem the full value of the title, correcte by the Reference Rate at the end of the rental contract ; Include in the title are some residential assistance services, such as: locksmith, electrician, plumber, appliance repair, among others.

The customer can participate in monthly draws carrie out by the Feeral Lottery

The rental capitalization title is suitable for any type of property. Residential, commercial, warehouses, land, etc… Hiring is done quickly, you just Australia Telegram Number Data ned to sign the proposal and make payment. Automatic renewal until the end of the rental contract; It can be done in another person’s name, that is, if the tenant does not have the require amount, the title can be done in the name of a friend or family member. To the owner: Security in relation to default or damage to the property, as you can redeem the title to cover these losses; With more guarantees and agility in the rental process.