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How to use public Wi-Fi safely: VPN and other tips

The main risks of public Wi-Fi networks Although public Wi-Fi networks may seem harmless, the truth is that, when using them, users end up exposing themselves to various risks that could compromise their cybersecurity . This is because, once connected to these hotspots, important data such as bank account information, identity, social network logins and others are susceptible to attacks by cyber criminals. Below are the main threats offered by these networks. Man-in-the-middle attacks . In this attack , the criminal places a device between your device’s connection to the Wi-Fi router. This way, he “intercepts” your connection and can monitor your activities, access your data and many other things without your consent. Malware. This attack occurs when criminals infect your device with malicious code (generically called malware ), which can then perform various harmful functions on your device without your consent.

Typically these infections occur because users allow file sharing on the connected network.

Evil twin attack. This is an attack in which the criminal creates a fake parallel hotspot, similar to legitimate Wi-Fi, inducing users to inadvertently connect to a malicious server that steals their digital data. Wi-Fi Sniffing. This technique Brazil Phone Number Data is based on the use of special software or hardware tools to eavesdrop on communications made over public Wi-Fi. To protect themselves from these and other threats present on a public Wi-Fi network, users can avoid these connections, favoring the use of mobile data from their devices, or use a VPN to add a layer of protection to the connection. Try NordVPN, it makes public Wi-Fi secure by encrypting your data traffic. How to avoid the dangers of public Wi-Fi? If you must use a public Wi-Fi connection, there are some strategies you can take to protect yourself against the biggest threats these hotspots pose.

Disable automatic connections Leaving your cell phone or tablet programmed to connect to the first open

Wi-Fi network that becomes available is a huge mistake. Not only do you lose control over which network is being used, but you also expose yourself to the risk of inadvertently connecting to a fake hotspot and falling into a trap. Therefore, always disable automatic connection and be very aware of the networks you connect to. Disable file Belgium Phone Number List sharing Many people use the file sharing function to send or receive documents within the same network quickly and conveniently. However, when connected to a public network, this can leave your device exposed to numerous risks. The best thing to do is to always disable the feature when using public Wi-Fi, to prevent strangers on the same network from infiltrating your device and installing malicious files.