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Therefore the right choice of plugin This will be useful when installing the code in wordpress. Would you rather have your pixel install by a specialist check out our services for wordpress sites . Adding a pixel using a plugin the wordpress plugin practically solves the entire problem because it allows you to add code without any major interference with the website’s resources.  is crucial. I recommend add-ons perfect for beginner users who are installing their first pixel on a website. The first one is pixelcat – its advantage is not only.

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The easy installation of the entire code (just copy the pixel id number) but also the configuration of appropriate events on the website directly from the wordpress panel.  situations e.G. When for some reason you lose access to the event manager Bulgaria Email List in meta business suite. Pixel cat – a plugin for adding a facebook pixel (meta pixel) to a wordpress website the second plugin is the very popular pixely our site – it is us to universally “Equip” your wordpress with known and recommend tracking codes. So it doesn’t have to be a meta pixel but Code for google analytics.

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Plugin for adding a meta pixel to a website built on wordpress the installation instructions below apply to the pixelyoursite plug-in but you don’t have to Belgium Phone Number List worry if you choose a different one – the procure (in most cases) is practically the same. using this plugin you ne to make sure the plugin is install and activat (disabling the plugin removes the pixel code from the page) go to the plugin settings in the wordpress panel.