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Partner with WebFX, a full-service digital

Agency with over 25 years of experience in .Partner with Web helping businesses implement data-driven digital marketing strategies! Whether you need expert insights from our team of 500+ digital . Marketers or want to start building your martech stack. WebFX can help craft a personalized . Solution that fits your unique marketing needs. Don’t wait until 2024 — launch your next digital marketing campaign today with WebFX by giving us a call at or contact us online to learn more .About why we’re a digital marketing agency trusted by 1500+ clients! Savannah Swanson Savannah is a content marketer with editorial. experience spanning several businesses.

Specializing in social media

And marketing trends, she loves C Level Executive List talking about the latest developments in online marketing. When she’s not writing, Savannah loves traveling, hoarding books and coffee mugs, and adoring her cat. Please don’t ask her about famous true crime cases, or else she’ll tell you all about her theories and get absolutely no work done. Partner with Web .WebFX Round Logo WebFX is a full-service marketing agency with 1000+ client reviews and a 4.9-star rating on Clutch! Find out how our expert team and revenue-accelerating tech can drive results for you! Learn more Try our free Marketing Calculator Craft a tailored online marketing strategy! Utilize our free.


 C Level Executive List

Internet marketing calculator

For a custom plan based on your location, reach, timeframe, and budget. Marketing Budget Calculator Table of Contents 2024 Digital Marketing Australia Phone Number Investment Top Channels by Spend Monthly Digital Marketing Spend 2024 vs. 2023 Digital Marketing Investment Factors Contributing to Increased Investment Factors Contributing to Decreased Investment Digital Marketing Providers Choosing a Digital Marketing Provider Top Digital Marketing Goals for 2024 Tracking Digital Marketing ROI in 2024 Martech Stack Adoption Get Ahead on Your 2024 Goals with WebFX 

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Ways to Improve E-commerce Category Pages

If you’ve been doing SEO for a while, you’ll understand what I mean. When I say category pages are a common area SEO and UX experts disagree on. And this is for one key reason: SEOs tend to want to. Add more content and links, and UX experts want to prioritize clicks to products. However, there is a middle ground where we can retain the commercial. Nature of categories and include content to help users make their purchase decision. Ways to Improve Throughout this guide, I’ll show how to improve your e-commerce category pages for SEO while ensuring the user remains at the core of your decisions.

But first why are

Categories so important? The importance of great categories cannot be understated. They’re the site area where you’ll often capture “The Fat Head” and “The Chunky company data Middle” of search queries—the high-volume, less-specific queries that most bosses/clients want to rank for. That’s not to say categories can’t target long-tail keywords. But unless you have a lot of SKUs, sites often target the long-tail with product pages. In addition to categories being essential for capturing traffic from high-volume terms, they also help: Users discover your products when navigating your site. You effectively distribute PageRank to important subcategories and products via your internal linking.

Ways to Improve search engines

Understand your information architecture (IA), i.e., how you’ve organized your content. So why is understanding the difference between CLPs and PLPs significant? CLPs target very Phone Number SA broad topics. A site is unlikely to service the user’s requirements by displaying one product type. For example, on ASOS’ men’s clothing CLP, it doesn’t know the specific type of men’s clothing a user wants to see, so it links to a mixture of different types of products. CLPs exist to help users navigate to a more specific page. Sites do this, as they won’t be sure specifically what the user wants yet—so they show them a selection of all relevant product types. With PLPs, on the other hand, sites know what a user wants.

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How to Build Successful Content Pillars

Content pillars, also known as pillar pages, are high-level introductions to a topic. They link to more detailed resources about each subtopic to form a content hub. Here are a few benefits of using a content hub strategy: Better organization – Pillar pages essentially act as a topical hub and allow you to explore a topic in detail. More engagement – It’s easy for readers to find related content and consume more. More links – People often link to content pillars, as they’re a How to Build good starting point for those wanting to learn about a topic. In this guide, you’ll learn how to create a content pillar for your website.

How to create content

Pillars Follow the steps below to create content pillars for your website. 1. Find the main topic to create a content pillar around Grab a seat, a pen and paper (or laptop), then executive data brainstorm ideas for content pillars. If you’re familiar with the niche, many topics should come to mind. For example, I’ve been breakdancing for the past 10 years, and I can think of plenty of topics for pillar pages (e.g., types of power moves, must-know footwork steps, and more). Alternatively, you can also use Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer to find ideas. Just enter a broad term related to your niche and go to the Matching terms report. However, not every term here will be a suitable topic.

How to Build you want

Are topics that: Have informational intent – People are looking for information, not to buy. You can verify this by Googling the topic. If most of the results are blog posts, articles, or Phone Number SA other hubs, the topic likely has informational intent. Have search traffic potential – Look at the Traffic Potential (TP) column beside each keyword to see its search traffic potential. Are broad enough – The topic shouldn’t be so narrow that there aren’t any subtopics to talk about. And it shouldn’t be so broad that your pillar page is 50,000 words long either. As a general rule of thumb, look for topics with between five and 20 subtopics. The key here is to choose subtopics that are highly related to the main topic. Here are a few ways to find them.

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What Is Growth Hacking Is It Still Worth

In this guide, you will learn what hacking is, where it originated, and whether or not it still works today. Then I’ll share five marketing channels every company should be focusing on regardless of the “growth hacking” label. What is hacking?  hacking (aka  marketing) is a marketing approach that involves scrappy, low-cost tactics to rapidly grow a company’s revenue. Growth hacks that have already been overdone. So what else can you do?

Sean Ellis coined

The term “growth hacker” in 2010 as “a person whose true north is.” They are someone who uses creative means to figure out unique ways of driving executive email list for a company, as well as A/B tests and scales what has been proven to work by competitors. Example of hacking One of the most famous examples of growth hacking is Airbnb’s use of Craigslist to advertise its services in the early days of its business. It built in the ability for its users to easily post their Airbnb listing on Craigslist to get more eyeballs on it, as Craigslist already had a massive user base.  hacking is nothing new; sure, the term was coined just over a decade ago.

What Is Growth can see

Examples of these guerrilla marketing–style tactics as early as humans started creating and growing businesses. The known strategies of “growth hacking” may be Phone Number SA outdated, but creative and growth-minded individuals can always find ways to succeed on a budget. The problem is that any growth hacks you find on the internet probably won’t work that well anymore. This is because they have already been done and have. Thus, lost their effectiveness as other companies caught on. And used the tactics themselves. Instead, allow yourself to think in terms of a scrappy. Startup and come up with creative ways to market your. Business at a low cost… but don’t try to copy.

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The 11 secrets to sell more in summer

The long-awaited summer arrives. People on vacation, visiting destinations, getting tanned on the beach or the pool… In short, enjoying their free time and doing everything they can’t during the rest of the year. But, not everyone always benefits The 11 secrets at this stage. And I’m not just referring to those who have to work more in the summer. Your business also suffers the consequences. This translates into fewer subscribers, fewer sales, and less conversion from your pages and ads in general. And, although it is completely normal, it is not the only possibility.

Add Your Heading Text Here

Results go down, unable to do anything . In fact, there are a few tasks that you can take off your shoulders during this period to make the summer months company data even the most productive of the year. And today, I’m going to show you which are the 11 most important ones . Get ready because… you have work ahead of you! Review, improve and automate your sales funnel Sometimes, our sales funnel can have some “holes” through which sales escape . And it is difficult to detect errors with the naked eye, since they can be found in everything from the lead magnet to the entire strategy and steps behind it.

And now is a great time to

Measure your statistics to the millimeter . For example, if your ads aren’t converting much, you need to make adjustments or even invest in other Phone Number SA platforms that might work better for you. You can also measure the registrations of new leads in your forms, and the conversions, both on the sales pages and on the squeeze pages or landing pages The 11 secrets that you have. Review your lead magnet calmly. You may come to the conclusion that it is time to renew it, create a new, more powerful one, or even change its format. 

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THIS is the structure of a squeeze page that converts

The squeeze page, also called landing page in Spanish, is one of the most important pages in our sales funnel where the user can fill out a form. But, although it may seem like a simple page to create, it is not. There are many factors that can work THIS is the against us. And some of them go completely unnoticed by us. Although there are many opinions about how they should be designed, the truth is that there are many people who complicate things too much. And others simply have no idea how to approach it. Therefore, in this post I want to help you eliminate all doubts regarding how to create a squeeze page.

What is a Squeeze Page and what is its purpose?

I am going to explain to you, step by step, the ideal structure that it should have so that you obtain the best results and your online executive data marketing strategy works as it should. Ready? Let’s go there ? What is a Squeeze Page and what is its purpose? The squeeze page is a type of landing page whose main objective is to convert visitors into subscribers. It also serves as the gateway to our sales funnel . It is mainly focused on conversion, and usually works by promoting our lead magnet to capture the attention of the potential audience and convince them to leave us their email and name.

The structure that will multiply your subscriber registrations

THIS is the Many businesses fail in this part, either because they do not have a squeeze page or because they have not optimized it correctly. This generates a significant loss of subscribers and, therefore, sales possibilities. To avoid this, it is super important to have a good structure on this page. And you will see the one that works best below. You must keep in mind that a quality Squeeze Page that Phone Number SA maximizes your conversion will make the difference in the success of your business . The structure that will multiply your subscriber registrations Although you will find many different ones, don’t get complicated. 

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Learn to write a sales page that works

The sales page or sales letter is one of the most important pages on our website and also in our entire funnel . This is when you have to bring out all your potential so that the potential client goes through a small process in which they end up doing Learn to write what we want: one click to buy, book an appointment, fill out a form, or whatever. It’s the decisive moment, so we have to work hard to make our sales page impeccable. After having worked with very different projects, you see everything. In fact, it surprises me that even some businesses can sell online, offering so little (and bad) information.

Know your target audience in detail

Not to mention the user experience. But… that is a topic for another article. What generates the executive email list most doubts when approaching the sale of a product or service is: what do I write now so as not to sound arrogant or arrogant? Crashes, or as we copywriters call them, blank page syndrome, are totally normal. It happens to us and it is logical that it happens to you too. So today I want to share with you the tips and tricks that can help you write and structure a good sales page to increase your conversion. An effective solution if you don’t want to hire a copy.

Use a sales formula

Grab a pen and paper because I’m going to make you write down a lot! 1- Know your target audience in detail I know you think it’s obvious, but you can’t even imagine the amount of texts I see written “for anyone.” For example, if you want to sell a yoga course Learn to write for pregnant women, you will have to know their fears, concerns and desires in depth. Wanting to learn yoga to alleviate the symptoms of pregnancy or have a better connection with the baby is not the Phone Number SA same as simply to relax. The better you know who your ideal customer is , the more concise your message can be and the more clearly the value you are offering will be captured.

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What are inbound and outbound messages


Digital marketing is one of the most used methods to promote a brand and attract customers to your sales network. And using an application like WhatsApp to market through inbound and outbound messages is not only effective but very profitable; but what are these messages and when to use them? Inbound and outbound messages as a strategy in WhatsApp Marketing It is essential that we learn to differentiate between these two types of messages so that we can start using them. Inbound messages are messages that we receive from potential clients when they write.

Incoming and outgoing messages

with a query associated with our company. That is, when they contact us through WhatsApp to ask about our products, services or prices. Now, for clients to contact us it is necessary to have a presence on the web and generate interest in our brand company data through various platforms. For example, customers may contact us when they see an advertisement that interests them on our social networks or websites. Landing pages and contact pages can also lead users to contact us via WhatsApp. Logically, it is important that our content has an impact and motivates.

Strategy in WhatsApp Marketing

the client to take the initiative to interact with our company. On the other hand, outbound messages are a type of marketing that is characterized by sending content directly and unidirectionally to customers. For practical purposes, when the Phone Number SA company sends promotions, advertisements or other content to your contact list. Outbound messages should be sent strategically so that they are not intrusive, annoying, or seen as spam. This is because, unlike with inbound messages, here the customers have not requested information or content, but rather the company that sends them.

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WhatsApp API Cloud what is it and how to use it

Nowadays  is an important means WhatsApp API of attention for companies. For this reason, the implementation of a new  was recently announced to complement existing services. This is  Cloud , but what is it for?  Cloud: Same service, more efficiency, lower cost Cloud is not a new application . On the contrary, it takes advantage of the technology already offered by the WhatsApp Business API , and improves it. It is a cloud-based service that will offer greater security for communications and better overall performance.

Features and benefits 

Apart from offering greater security and ease of access,Cloud also includes many important improvements that will enhance executive data its functionality: It will allow both sending and receiving, a total of 80 messages per second . This, in practical terms, speaks of greater management power for conversations with customers, shortening waiting and response times. By using this API you can manage company communication on up to 10 devices at a time. Schedule automatic sending of reminders , shipping information.

 Same service more efficiency

WhatsApp API Cloud is not a new application . On the contrary, it takes advantage of the technology already offered by the WhatsApp Phone Number SA Business API , and improves it. It is a cloud-based service that will offer greater security for communications and better overall performance. This service is designed so that all companies, even those that are starting, can more easily access WhatsApp services. Let us remember that the current WhatsApp Business API operates through BSP.

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Chatbot for WhatsApp Understanding how it works


In a short time Chatbot for WhatsApp WhatsApp went from. A messaging system for individuals to one. Of the channels most used by companies to manage. Their communications. Thanks to the boom that the platform is having, new tools have been implemented such as chatbots for WhatsApp . What are they about and what do companies use them for? Chatbot for WhatsApp: Understanding how it works A chatbot or chat robot is nothing more than a program capable of replicating human conversations through artificial intelligence. These can be created and configured.

How to implement Chatbot for WhatsApp 

The first thing you should ask yourself is if you really need it. The fact that these tools are being used more and more does not mean executive email list that you need to implement them into your care model. If you have a large contact list and it is difficult for the work team to promptly respond to all requests, you should probably have a chatbot. But the most important thing is to create an efficient, well-optimized bot that is capable of fulfilling its purpose correctly. Bots should be as “human” as possible, offering an experience similar to what customers would have when speaking.

 The latest in Digitalization

But the most important thing is to create an efficient, well-optimized bot that is capable of fulfilling its purpose correctly. Bots should be as “human” as possible, offering an experience similar to what customers would have when speaking with a Phone Number SA sales advisor. So using the right tools to create your customer service bot for WhatsApp is important. You need to use a complete platform with all the resources at your disposal so that you can develop a good virtual assistant for your business. That’s why one of the best alternative.