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If for some reason it is necessary to  WordPress plugin for google tag manager the plugin’s settings are not particularly extensive because after entering them what immiately catches your eye is the field for entering the gtm container id number. Adding google tag manager in wordpress before saving the changes make sure that off no tweak right placement is select for container code compatibility mode . From now on the meta pixel will work on your website thanks to google tag manager.change the tracking code or disable it simply deactivate the appropriate tag in google tag manager.

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Facebook pixel meta pixel in the woocommerce store – how to configure it online stores creat using wordpress and the woocommerce plugin require a slightly different approach when installing the meta pixel. Why when selling via the store it is a good Cambodia Email List idea to provide meta with data regarding among others value of purchases and types of services . Such information then enables much better data analysis as well as optimization of advertising on facebook and instagram.  the facebook for woocommerce plugin . store page the operation of this plugin is different than the above-mention plugins for adding meta pixel code.

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Adding a meta pixel to a woocommerce

Because it synchronizes your select company resources in meta business suite. For this reason you must make sure that you have the appropriate elements Cambodia Phone Number List before running the plugin fb/ig page advertising account pixel. Importantly these items must be assign to you as a facebook user using meta business suite. When activating the plugin you must additionally log in to your facebook account you can also do it earlier in a separate browser tab. This way after running the plugin you will start the process of configuring the data that will be transferr from and to the woocommerce.